10 Top Baby Products Brands India 2021 Buyers guide

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Are you the one who has a newborn baby or a person searching for the baby products for your baby. Well we get your back.

When it comes to baby care no one want to compromise with the quality of the product. The market is full of variety of brands which makes it difficult to decide which product to use and which not.

With that keeping in mind, we have come up with a comprehensive list of the best baby care brands in the Indian market. In this article, our aim is to review products that are natural, organic and doesn’t harm your baby in any way.

So lets dive into it.

What you must look for while buying baby care products?

In the search for the best baby care product brands in India, we have looked for many factors. These are the factor that one should keep in mind while selecting any product either for the baby or for themself. They are as follows-

It must be Hypoallergic

Babies have soft and delicate skin that to prone to allergy and rashes. And this is the reason why hypoallergic and soft products are must. You must make sure to use and buy only the products that are made especially for babies. Because generally they are soft and contains no harmful substances

It contains no or mild fragrances

Now-a-days fragrances constitute an important part of skin care products. But it is harmful in the case of babies. This is because fragrances are mostly made of alcohol which can irritate baby’s skin. This is the reason you should go for products that are fragrance free.

Contains no parabens

Parabens are petroleum-based preservatives used to increase the shelf life of skincare products like Shampoo and lotion. These parabens if reacted can cause Rashes, Eczema and hormonal imbalances.

Thats why we suggest to use only products that are parabens free

Avoid using essential oil-based products.

It is proved that essential oil is not good for a baby’s skin. They can irritate a baby’s skin and can cause dryness. It is recommended not to use essential oil for baby massage.

Look at the product label and packaging

Always look at the product label when buying any product. As the above told information will written there only. Also check for mfg and expiry date of the product.

If you find that the packaging of the product is damaged or the seal is open simply do not buy the product. Some sellers give discount on these kind of product but you must neglet them.

So now as you are fully aware of the factor to look for. Lets go with the best baby care products brand in India.

Best Baby product brand in India

1. Mamaearth

best natural baby care brand

Launched in 2016 Mamaearth is the best baby care product brand available in India. It is Asia’s first brand to be certified safe and they make products for both Moms and babies.

The main aim of the brand is to stress-free parenting to new parents who do not have much knowledge about baby care. The products made by them are 100% toxin-free and are made specifically for babies.

From shampoo to soap and from lotion to oil, all their products are baby safe. Main advantage of using Mamaearth products is that all caring products are provided under one roof.

Along with this the wipes and toothpaste made by them are the most innovative products so far. The wipes made of bamboo and plant based toothpaste added to the natural care package makes it best brand in India.

2. Pampers

When it comes to diaper and diapering the most favourite brand that comes in our mind is Pampers. It is one of the oldest brand found in 1961.

Best diaper brand

The company is known to provide best quality diapers at affordable price. All the diapers made by pampers are soft and are gentle on baby’s skin. Talking about comfort, the diapers are crafted keeping in mind the needs of the small babies.

Diapers made by them are available both in pant style and adhesive tape style. In addition the most important part is that the diapers are soft, super absorbing and does not leave rashes on baby’s skin. Also the magic lining warns you when its time to change the diaper.

The best products by them so far are- pampers swaddlers and pampers premium pants

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3. Nutricias- Best brand for formula milk

Feeding and nutrition is the important part of baby care. It is suggested to provide mothers milk to baby for first 6 months. But there are some reasons sometimes when mothers milk is not available. This is when Formula milk comes in handy.

The milk by Nutricia is best as it is Rich in protein, iron, DHA, Prebiotics and other essential minerals and nutrients. Iron along with DHA helps in brain development and visual skills. Optimum amount of protein present helps in overall physical growth of the baby. The pre biotics present strengthens the immune system of babies.

Best infant formula for babies

Speaking about best product by nutricia, Aptamil is the best formula milk by them. It is designed keeping it mind the needs of newborn babies.

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4. Philips- Feeding bottles

Feeding bottles are required by every baby. But all feeding bottles are not qualified as Philips Avent feeding bottles.

Avent bottles from Philips are 100% BPA free and and comes in different sizes. Babies usually takes in air while feeding but that’s not the case with the philips baby bottle. All their bottles are designed with Anti colic valve which keeps the air vented away from baby’s tummy. Resulting in less colic, stomach ache and fussy baby.

The nipple comes in different sizes and offer unique textured grip So that it does not slip from mouth while feeding. In addition along with this the ergonomic design of the bottle makes it easy to grab by babies.

5. Nirmal- for massage and hair oil

Coconut oil for baby massage

Massage is a great way to bond with our little one. It has many benefits along with strengthening bones to providing relief from Stomach problems.

Natural Coconut oil from nirmal is the best oil one can use for massage as well as for hair. The oil is extracted from cold pressed method and is 100% natural. You can also use it at the same time.

6. Himalaya baby care

Himalaya is the most popular baby care brand in India. The reason for this is all their products are made specifically for babies and are safe. Also, they are affordable for normal public

The brand aims to provide all skincare products under one roof with a main goal to help new parents. All their products are organic and made with the power of ayurveda.

It deals in many products ranging from diapers and wipes to all skincare products. The main reason for liking Himalaya is that their products contain almost no toxic chemicals and are safe from parabens and hard sulphates.

Himalaya’s products are clinically tested and conform to the standards of baby care and pharmaceutical industries.

7. Sebamed

Originated in germany in 1957 sebamed is a new player in the Indian Market. It basically deals with Skin care products for both Adults and children.

The baby care unit by them provides a wide variety of Best skin care products. Ranging from Shampoo, soaps, lotions to baby powder Sebamed product are popular all over the world.

Products made by them are natural and do not contain any preservatives or parabens. It is due to the strict quality control provided by the company.

Additionally the baby wipes and lip balm the the best products by the Company.


The nest in our list is MEE MEE. The name itself suggest mother and me. And the brand aims to provide premium quality products at resonable price.

The products from MEE MEE specialises between the age of 0-3 years. Along with Skincare and hair care, the brand also deals with laundry detergents made especially for babies. in addition, some toys and walkers are also manufactured by the company.

It is similar to other natural baby care products with a difference that it is an indian company.

9. Johnsons baby care

Johnsons baby care products are used by most of the moms world wide. Started almost 120 years ago the main aim of the company is to help new parents by providing quality product.

Trusted by many the caring products made by them are 100% natural and consist of no hamful toxins and chemilcals. Moreover, The soap and shampoo specifically made by them are tear free to baby.

In addition the powder and lotion made by them are soft, mild fragranted and are mostly natural.

10. Chicco

Best baby care product brand

Baby gear is of same importance as baby care products. Chicco brand provide a wide range of baby gear ranging from Stroller, walker, high chai to feeding bottles. They are of great quality and is also affordable according to price.

In addition to baby gear the company also deals with baby skin care products that are natural and 100% safe on baby’s tender skin.


The last words we say is that these are the best baby care brands you can go with withoout hesitating. The products made by them are of high quality and confirms to pharmaceuticals and baby care standards.

In addition I don’t recommend you to go blindly with one brand you can choose from different product from different brands. Like the shampoo from johnsons baby is best in class as it has no tears formula. Similarly feeding bottles from Philips and oil from nirmal are best in their class.

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