How to choose the best baby massage oil

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Massages are soothing and also proves healthy for baby at the same time. Massaging a baby has immense benefits and that’s why this old tradition is still popular in modern times. But before massaging a baby the first question that comes in our mind is ” Which is the best oil for baby massage”. This article will help you choose the right oil for your baby.

Selecting a good massage oil that is safe yet effective is the first step towards baby massage because babies have soft skin and that to is delicate and sensitive. And just because an oil is natural it doesn’t mean that all oil is safe for baby massage.

Lets look at some oils which are safe for baby massage

Which oils are best for Baby Massage?

You can choose a variety of oils that are safe for baby’s delicate and soft skin. These oils can be used for baby massage and can be used for mosturising baby’s skin.

Below are some of the best oil for baby massage according to the climate and temperature:-

Oils for Hot and Humid Climate

1. Coconut Oil

Best oil for baby massage

Coconut oil is the most popular oils among the moms throughout the world. It is easily available, econamical and is safe on baby’s skin. Coconut oil contains antibecterial and antifungal properties which makes baby’s skin safe fro infections

Besides this, it is a light oil and can be used for the summer season, hot and humid climate. Coconut oil also proves useful for normal baby problems like Diaper rash and cradle crap.

2. Sesame Oil

sesame oil for baby massage

Being light in nature sesame oil can be a good choice for massaging during winters. Infact it is used in most of the ayurvedic preperations. Sesame oil contain anti inflamatory and anti becteria; properties which makes it safe for infants.

Enriched with vitamins B, D and E this oil helps to heal baby’s skin.

Oils for Winter baby masage

1. Almond Oil

Almond oil is an all season oil and is safe on baby’s tender skin. Rich in Vitamin E this oil will help keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth. This oil is also beneficial for baby’s hair.

While buying almond for for massaging your infant always look for one that doesn’t have any fragrances and perfumes added.

2. Olive oil

olive oil

Nowadays olive oil for baby massage is just as popular as coconut oil. Filled with loads of antioxidants and healthy fats this oil will keep your baby’s skin soft. Some moms also find that this oil helps to relieve babies suffering from colic related problems.

However Olive oil is not recommended for babies with dry and sensitive skin. One of the fat found in olive oil is oleic acid which instead of improving breaks down the skin. Olive oil is not recommended for babies suffering from diaper rash, eczema and other skin problems.

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Massage oils for baby with dry skin

1. Safflower oil

Safflower Oil is ideal for hydrating dry skin while soothing irritation, rashes, and inflammation. It is reputed to enhance the skin’s texture, appearance, and quality. It is a cold-pressed vegetable oil which is rich in Vitamin E.

These quality benefits make it a good choice to use it as a oil for baby massage

2. Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil can be a good choice if your baby has dry and sensitive skin. This oil can soothe babies having diaper rash and eczema and can be used as a massage oil.

It helps to heal dry and itchy skin providing relief to the baby.

Oils that are bad on Baby’s skin

Being natural some oils are not good for baby’s soft skin. These oils can cause irritation and may not be safe for your baby. Oils to avoid on baby skin are:-

1. Mustard oil

Mustard oil has many benefits and it is used widely in India by many mothers during winters. As this oil has warming effects. Although this oil is not suitable for babies having sensitive skin.

The main reason for this is Mustard oil contains oleic acid which can make skin more permeable. To be more clear it can make your baby’s skin even more dry and tender.

2. Essential oils

essential oils

Essential oils can provide many benefits but they are too strong for young newborn babies. Moreover essential oils are diluted and can be irritating to both babies and adults.

How to choose the right oil for infant massage

Choosing the right massage oil for your little one is easy. Follow these tips to find the right oil for your newborn

  • Always ask your doctor for the oil that suits your baby’s skin type.
  • Use only oils that are formulated for babies skin. Don’t use products made for adults as they can harm their sensitive skin.
  • Never use oils that have a strong fragrance. Always try to use food-grade oil as they are edible and there is no risk even if the baby licks his fingers.
  • Use essential oils only when your baby turned to the age of 3 and that too with a carrier oil.

Tips to keep in mind while doing a baby massage

Baby massage
  • Massage your baby only if he likes it. If he is irritated try after some time.
  • Do not apply to much pressure while massaging your baby. Massage with gentle strokes
  • Make sure that the oil you are using should neither be too hot not too cold. Maintain optimum temperature
  • Use cold-pressed oils for massaging your baby. As they are neither refined nor contain any additives.
  • Do not put oil in baby’s eyes nose and ears. Although it is a common practice in India it can cause infections.
  • Always check the manufactured and expiry dates of the oils while purchasing them.
  • Do not do extra stocking as storing oil for large period make them turn rancid.
  • If you hired a maalishwali be cautious as they prefer their own hand made oils. These oils are made at home and may contain some additives or herbs that are not suitable for baby’s skin

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