13 Unique gift idea for baby in India 2021

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Gifts are an essential part of every occasion whether it be a birthday or a baby shower. But the difficulty arises when it comes to deciding what gift should you give to them. Sometimes even none of the ideas comes to our mind. To help you we have come with a list of 15 practical and unique gifts ideas that your relatives, friends and their babies will love.

All the gifts that i will tell you about are very practical and many will help in taking care of baby efficiently.

So lets dive into the best baby gifts ideas for birthday and baby shower-

Best gift ideas for a baby shower and birthday

1. Baby care kit

best gift idea for newborn baby

Babies have soft and delicate skin. And skin care kit is the most important need of every baby.

Baby care kit is the best gift you can give to parents on baby shower. As it is the No.1 requirement of every baby. Parents of the newborn baby also feel more than happy to have such a wonderful gift for their little one.

2. Baby blanket

Best gift for baby girl

Blankets are the most important need of a parent as well as baby. Newborn babies need atleast 2 blankets one for holding them and one while they sleep.

You can gift your relative or friends a soft muslin blanket or a swaddling cloth that he uses while sleeping. It is needed much by the baby during his first 3 months as it helps the baby to sleep peacefully and for longer intervals. A cosy soft blanket with cute designs is much loved than a solid one with no work.

3. Clothes for baby

Best gift idea for baby shower

Babies are always short of clothes because they pee and poo every then. Also spitups during burping makes their clother dirty and smelly.

Giving clothes as gift not only enhances your image towards the relatives but it also proves that you love them as their nephew. While giving clothes as gift. instead of giving party waer clothes try to give normal one that baby can use in daily wear. This is because babies grow at much faster rate and no one knows if he grows big enough to wear that.

These type of clothes are best gift for baby shower

4. DIY travelling kit

bags for new moms

A DIY travelling kit is the most unique gift you can give to your dear ones. Altough you have to prepare it by your own but its very simple. You can do it this way:-

How to prepare DIY travel kit

  1. Get the bag

    The first thing you need is a bag. You can choose a diaper bag or a normal bag whichever you want.

  2. Get things organzed

    This is a crucial step as you need to decide what items you will pack in that bag. you can choose from items like Bath towel, skincare products and feeding bottles. Grooming essentials like comb and nail clipper can also be kept in it

  3. Gift pack the bag

    At the final step all you need is to gift wrap it. You can go to any gift shop for gift wrap ad can also do it by your own.

DIY travel kits help by providing little to no burden to parents as they already had a bag ready with needy essentials for the trip. It is the most unique gift. Apart from this it also enhances the giver’s image.

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5. Baby carrier

gift idea for new moms

Their is no other place than Mother’s lap in the world. For babies its a secure place where he can stay all day without any hesitation and fear. But their is no chance that she can take him whole day on her lap. To overcome this Carriers are made.

They are like seat that a mom can wear on her body and let the baby close to her without losing her time. They can also perform any kind of work while wearing a baby carrier.

This is the reason baby carrier is the best gift you can give as it keeps the baby close to his mom without letting mom any delay to her work

6. Beds and cribs

bed for baby

The beds of babies are different from that of adults. They are soft, short and are also portable. Also, it is a great present one can give in a baby shower. As it helps the baby to sleep anywhere he wants. Along with it the mosquito net attached also helps them to stay protected from those small and dangerous insects.

It is the best gift idea for baby shower you can give to your dear ones.

7. Feeding essentials

Nutrition is an important part for baby’s growth. That’s where feeding takes place. It is an important part of baby’s daily routine.

Feeding essentials plays a vital role in baby’s feeding. The cute bibs that helps in keeping their clothes clean, Feeding bottles and nipples along with feeding cloth are an essential ites while feeding.

You can prepare a whole bucket of these items and can gift on baby shower or when you are visiting the newborn baby.

8. Safety Gears for baby

Safety gears prove an essential item when the baby grows older and is able to walk or crawl. But however, no one cares for such things. You can prepare a basket full of safety gears including a walker, Knee socks which baby needs while crawling and portable gates to keep the baby away from the staircase.

Along with this, you can also add socket proffers to avoid baby putting their finger in electrical sockets and corner protectors to avoid injuries.

9. Milestone Picture frame

Milestone picture frame

Everyone in this world loves to catch those heartwarming moments of their life. This is where the camera or mobile phone comes in handy. You can simply click a photo and can see it whenever you want.

But a milestone frame helps to regularly recall those pleasant memory

10. Silver ornaments

unique gift ideas for baby

Yes! you heard it right. Silver is known for its purity and shine. And its not that expensive. You can give it as a precious gift on baby shower as well as when you visit a newborn baby.

While buying silver ornaments you can look for spoons, Payal, bangle(kada) and a locket. It not only looks precious but you will always get remembered when the baby wears them.

11. Rocker chair/ Walker

Best 2 in 1 walker for babies

A chair and walker is a must needed item that a baby needs in his collection. Well, why buying both of them separately when you can get the features of both of them in one product. It is a rocker walker. Babies can sit on it and whenever they are ready for their first step the walker helps them to do so.

You can gift it to your own baby and relatives can also give it to their loved once also.

12. Developmental Toys

Popsugar Baby's First Blocks

Toys are much needed for babies both physical and brain development. They not only help in brain development but also enhances the cognitive and visual skills of the baby.

Then why not giving a toy that not only entertains him but also help in learning in early stage of life. Developmental toys helps to do so. You can give shapes toy or a rhyme player or a animal name and sound player. There are many more option you can choose from.

13. Your time and love

Nothing in this world is more valuable than the time and love you give to your loved ones. It not only helps in gaining respect but also helps in making a long-lasting bond and relationship with them.


In the end I would say that all the product i have suggested are unique and would be perfect to gift on occasions like Baby shower, Visiting to a newborn baby, Or on baby’s 1st birthday. Whether it be a girl or boy these gift ideas suits both of them.

I would also like to say that while buying gift make sure to buy a good quality one with best safety and features.

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