8 Best formula milk for babies 0-6 months in India 2021

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Development and proper growth of child is our first preference as parents. This is where nutrition and proper feeding takes place. Doctors and paediatricians suggest providing your baby with breastmilk for the first 6 months. But there are some reasons due to which sometimes a mother is not able to provide milk to his child. This is where Formula milk for babies or powder milk comes in handy.

Formula milk is not a replacement but is a supplement to breastmilk. It is given when due to some reason a mother is not able to give milk to her baby.

The Indian market is full of different brand of Formula milk which is sufficient enough to confuse you. So based on parents reviews and the composition used we have come up with a list of 8 Best formula milk for babies in India.

Before buying something for your little one you must know all the aspect of that thing. So without wasting enough time get started with the buying guide

Formula buying guide for Newborn Baby

The formula also comes in three types. They are Powder form, Liquid concentrate, and ready to use. And these also come in different composition of milk i.e Cow milk, Soy milk, Hydrolysed formula and Specialised formula. Let’s know which one suits your needs.

Formula milk based on the type

Powder-based formula Milk– This is the most common type of formula milk you see in the market. It is in powder form and in order to use it you need to mix it with a certain quantity of water. This powder-based formula milk is the least expensive and have long expiry dates.

Liquid concentrate Formula milk– These are not the cheapest ones but are less expensive than ready to use. It requires mixing an equal amount of formula and water to use

Ready to use– To use it you don’t have to do anything as the name suggest. They are expensive. But they come in handy when you are travelling with your baby. As sometimes hygienic water is not easily available which can cause a delay in feeding and using unhygienic water is not safe for the baby’s health.

Type of Formula milk based on composition

Based on the milk composition used formula milk is further divided on 4 types. They are-

  • Cow milk-based– Scientist research and studies have found that Cow milk is most closer to human. And this is the reason we switch to cow milk when we grow old. The formula made from cow milk is nutrient-rich and has cow milk as the main ingredients

It is the most preferable type of formula that is prescribed in India. But some babies are intolerant to cow milk and lactose based milk. For those babies next type of formula is preferable

  • Soy milk-based- It is made from soybean-based protein. And is good and preferable for babies intolerant to cow milk. Also, some parents don’t want to use mammal based milk so it’s a good choice for them.
  • Hydrolysed Formula- It is made from protein made from cow or soy milk is broken down into simpler pieces that are easy to digest. It is designed in such a way as to lower the chance of the baby developing an allergy.
  • Specialised formula– This formula milk for babies is designed especially for premature babies and those having special medical conditions

Suggested- Effective feeding for baby’s first year

Some pros and cons of Formula milk

  • Even if you are busy or at work the grandparents or your husband can feed your baby. That means your baby never lack feeding
  • No discomfort to you- as some moms feel discomfort while feeding in public so its a better option
  • For premature kids and babies with some medical symptoms, it proves a handy option
  • For moms who cannot provide natural milk to their babies formula milk proves the best option for them to feed their little one
  • You can keep the track of what your baby’s daily intake
  • The no.1 disadvantage of the formula is that it doesn’t have health benefits as that is breastfeeding
  • You have to spend more time preparing and cleaning the essentials required
  • Sometimes it smells bad but your baby will probably likes it taste

Quick Baby feeding chart by Age

Baby feeding chart by age

Things you must consider while using Formula

Use sterilised bottle and water– While preparing formula for your little one make sure that the bottles, as well as the water, are sterilised. This will ensure that there are no germs in there. Babies have a weak immune system and doing this eventually help your baby from getting sick

Shake well before use– Shake the formula along with water before use so that it mixes well with water. Make sure that there are no lumps as they can clog the nipple of the bottle.

Check expiry and damages– Before buying any packaged products for your little one always see the expiry and Mfg date of the product. Also look for any damages like torn, opened seal or leakage if any.

Now as you are backed up by all the essential information and details needed. Lets explore the best formula milk for babies in India

Top 8 Formula milk for babies in India

1. Nutricia’s Aptamil 1 Infant Formula Powder

100% vegetarian, Aptamil’s Infant Formula contains a unique blend of prebiotics known to support immune system development in Babies. Moreover, the formula is also rich in Iron, DHA, and ARA levels to enhance neurological development. Thus resulting in proper brain development and visual activity.

For the physical growth of a baby Calcium, Protein and Vitamins are needed. And these are sufficiently provided in the Aptamil’s formula milk. In short, it contains all essentials required of your baby’s first 6 months.

  • The optimum ratio of probiotics support immune system development
  • The proper amount of protein and Calcium provide overall physical growth and strength
  • Rich in Iron, DHA and ARA it will result in proper brain and visual development.
  • it is rich in Vitamin A,C,D,E and K
  • The product is 100% vegetarian
  • It contains balanced, age-appropriate nutrients which support the overall development of your baby
  • Economical choice and available almost everywhere.

2. Farex 1 Infant Formula

Protein is called the building blocks of life. When consumed they break down into amino acid which helps in physical growth, Repair muscles and tissue. And that is what Farex Infant formula is providing. It is rich in Whey protein which helps in healthy physical growth and easy digestion.

infant formula for 0-6 months old

The formula is also rich in Zinc which provides strength to the immune system in babies. Moreover, the omega 3 fatty acids present help in proper brain development and social skills. Along with this, the milk is easy to digest and most of the time doesn’t cause any stomach problems.

  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids present helps in brain development and social skills
  • Easy to digest and rarely cause stomach issue (like pain or spit-ups)
  • Zinc present in it helps in natural growth and also strengthens the immune system.
  • Rich in protein which helps in gaining weight and accelerates physical growth
  • contains 100% lactose
  • includes preparation cup so that you can provide proper nutrition
  • Economical in price

3. Similac Advance Infant Formula

Made using the mordern technique Similac Advance is a perfect milk formula for infants upto 6 months old. Specially this Similac 1 Advance is designed for baby’s delicate digestive system

Best baby milk powder

Rich in Neuro nutrients such as Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (Precursors of DHA & ARA), Choline, Iron and Zinc. It supports healthy brain and visual development. And thus resulting and encouraging social skills in babies.

Moreover, it is packed with Calcium and Vitamin D responsible for healthy bone development. And comes with all essentials required for the baby’s proper growth.

  • Includes core ingredients (Vitamins and Minerals) for baby’s physical growth.
  • Omega acids with iron and DHA support brain development and contacting skills.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D helps in bone development.
  • Nucleotides helps in strengthening the immune system in babies.
  • Unique blend helps in easy digestion and reduces stomach problems.
  • Reputed product with more than 50 years in market
  • Made with Spray dried mordern technology
  • Stomach friendly

4. Nestlé NAN EXCELLAPRO 1 Infant Formula Powder

Enriched with Whey protein, DHA, ARA this formula milk is fortified with all the essentials our baby needs for development. Containing Whey protein it provides energy to the baby for physical growth. Iron and DHA along with ARA supports brain development and visual function.

Powdered milk for newborn baby

The product is also easy to digest as it contains prebiotics. Moreover, it doesn’t have any sugar added to it. In addition, if your baby is having problem from NAN PRO you can give NAN EXCELLAPRO a try. As it can provide relief to those stomach problems.

  • Easy to digest and comes with fortified minerals and vitamins.
  • Enriched with whey protein to encourage healthy development and weight gain.
  • Contains all essentails required for brain development and visual skills.
  • Doesn’t have any sugar added and it tastes neutral.
  • it is 100% vegetarian

It comes in abox packing so whenever you open it remember to keep in the Air tight container

5. Enfamil A+ infant formula

Milk powder for infant

Enfamil A+ formula is itself a package of complete nutrition for babies. Enriched with the power of Choline and iron it aims to provide a healthy development in babies. The optimum levels of DHA and ARA helps in improving and boosts the cognitive development.

The formula is designed keeping in view the needs of the infant and also has positive effets on baby’s tummy.

Designed as per the needs and nutritional requirements of the infants.

It is stomach friendly and rarely cause any problems

Contains optimum amount of iron and protein for growth and weight gain

DHA and ARA helps in brain development

It comes with vanilla flavour

The product is 100% vegetarian

Comes in tin pack

6. Dexolac Special Care (for premature babies)

Best formula milk for premature babies

Specially made for premature and under weight babies Dexolac Special care is the best formula milk for premature babies in India.

Moreover, for easy digestion in weak babies, it is enriched with Nucleotides, Lactose and whey protein. Further saying omega 3 along with iron and DHA helps in brain development. And in addition, Calcium with Vitamin C and Zinc encourages bone development and immune system.

  • Specially made for premature and underweight babies
  • Gives 79kcal/100ml for proper growth in premature babies
  • Calcium and magnesium ensure proper brain growth
  • vitamin A, C, E and Zinc provides support to the immune system

7. Nestle PRE NAN for premature babies

Nestle PRE NAN is the second formula for Premature babies on this list. It is also made keeping in view the needs of premature and underweighted babies. And therefore it has all the ingredients that a baby needs for his growth and development.

Formula milk for babies in india

Nestle PRE NAN is made keeping in mind the needs of premature babies. As it contains Calcium which is essential for bones development. Moreover, the proper amount of Zinc along with DHA and iron is also present to ensure full development of Brain and visual skills. Similarly to minimize the risk of anemia sufficient iron is present. After all, it is a nice product

  • Specially made for premature babies
  • Contains sufficient Iron for brain development and physical health resulting in decreased risk from Anemia
  • Calcium and protein also proves helpful in bones development and healthy growth
  • Nucleotides supports immune system
  • Contains maltodextrin which helps in proper digestion and makes sure that the baby is satisfied for longer periods
  • The only caution with this product is that the company says it is not suitable for infants with Cow Milk Alergy

8. Neocate LCP formula(Especially for babies with Cow milk Allergy)

Formula milk for babies with allergies

Specially made for babies (having cow milk allergy) Neocate is a specialised product from Nutricia. It is a specialised formula made for babies having an allergy to Cow milk. In addition, the formula is 100% lactose-free. It also contains Nucleotides known to support the immune system in babies.

The formula can provide relief from cow milk allergy from the very first feeding. And therefore is recommended for babies with special medical symptoms.

  • It is made especially for babies with an allergy to cow milk and babies on which elemental diet is recommended
  • It contain nucleotides which strengthens the immune system in babies
  • Contains a proper amount of protein and iron responsible for brain development and physical growth.

Neocate formula is a non vegeterian product as it is lactose free

FAQ on Formula milk for babies

These are the few questions that parents ask more on the web. We will try our best to answer them.

Which formula milk is best in India?

Frankly speaking, no other thing can provide the same amount of nutrition as mothers milk. The formula is just a supplement (closest to breastmilk) and not a replacement for breastmilk. But if you want the name I may say that use what works best for your baby. Every baby is different and this is why you need to test which works best for you.

How do I know that a particular formula doesn’t suit my baby?

Maybe you have a baby who can accept every formula milk but maybe you have one whose body doesn’t accept it. In this case look for any symptoms or problems like stomach pain, Gassiness, diarrhoea, excessive crying, spit-ups and fussiness.

My baby is allergic to Cow milk, lactose What formula should I give him?

For these kinds of babies, you can give them a special kind of formula known as hypoallergic formula milk. We have also listed it in our list (Neocate LCP). Although if your little one is hypoallergic introduce him to anything only after taking advice from doctor

What to look at while buying formula for your baby?

While buying formula always look for the ingredients of the product you are buying. The main ingredients to look at in the formula milk are Iron, Choline, DHA and ARA (required for proper brain development), Protein and calcium ( required for physical growth and bones development) and iron are the main components to look for.


Selecting a formula for a 0-6 months old baby can be a tough decision as you may not know which one suits your baby preferences. So, in the end, we will say that it’s a trial and error method and you need to find out which brand suits your baby better. Also, you must take the advice of your paediatricians before giving anything to your baby

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