Top 10 baby food in India plus buyers guide

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When it comes to the matter of feeding and nutrition, parents always wish to give the best to their child and babies. During the first 6 months, it recommended nourishing your baby only with Mother’s milk and formula. But as the baby grows and develops along with milk other nutritional supplements must also be given to him. This is done so that the baby does not lack proper growth. And this is why we have dedicated this article to the best baby food in India.

Previously there were not much options specially when our baby turns 6 months old and is ready for solid introduction. Also for premature babies and newborn babies with allergies special formula milk are now available.

In addition, moms who work to support their family. These foods are of great value to you and we have dedicated this article especially to you. Moreover, When you are travelling these foods can be a great time-saver for you.

On the top parents find it difficult sometimes to choose the right product for their little one. So lets get started!

Baby Food Stages

Food for babies in India comes in different stages according to their age. And accordingly, you must feed your baby. As lower stage food cannot provide enough nutrition and upper stage food is not suitable for them. So you need to choose the right feed for them. Baby food in India come in 4 stages. They are-

Stage1 for (0-6 months)

Food for newborn babies are included in Stage1. The babies of this age group include infant and newborn babies. And this is the reason there are not much variety for this age. Breastmilk is considered as the most preferable food for this age group. Other food include Formula milk.

They also comes in different type according to need. For premature babies there come different type of formula likewise hypoallergic babies have different kind of formula.

Stage 2 (6-8 months)

This is the age when solid food to babies is introduced. Babies at this age need more protein in their diet for proper growth and development. The main food for this age is still breastmilk but supplemental to this solid food (puree and mashed foods) must be introduced. Cereals and Kichdi (porridge) can also be introduced on the 7 months.

Stage 3 (9-12months)

During this age, the eating abilities have been developed much better. And with improved eating habits, more textures can be introduced. Finger fruits can be given and textured food should be given. Still, the consistency of the food should be kept such that much effort should not be given to chewing and swallowing.

Stage 4 (after 12 months)

11 months is the age when your little one is able to eat most of the the food that you prepare for your family. means you can give anything except foods of choking nature. As after stage 3 babies are generally be able to eat and bite many foods. As such products for this age group are generally proper solid foods.

Now as you know the stages or age group let dive into the guide for buying food for your baby.

Baby food buying guide

This short guide will help you to assess the needs of your little one and accordingly help in taking decisions while purchasing not food but anything for your baby.

Choose as per your baby needs

by this I mean that don’t buy thing that your baby doens’t need at present time. Buy products according to his needs. Especially food products. After opening their shelf life become relatively small and they become unsuitable to eat very fast.

So buy as you need. Don’t buy bigger packets in the sake of saving your money. instead, feed your baby fresh

Type of food

Their are four types of food available in the market. Each one has their own purpose and benefits. Let me explain you

  • Ready to eat- All of you can be understood by the name itself. These kinds of food come in small packages and are ideal for travelling. As many times during travel hyenic food is not available which could be harmful to babies. They have a short shelf life after you open them. It is suggested to finish them in one or two serving
  • Ready to make- These food products came in packages that are relatively big than the first type. They have a long shelf life. Main items in this category are Cereals, infant formula, and kichdi mix
  • Organic food- No objections these are the best food as they are free from any kind of preservatives and chemicals. These food products may some times ready to use but sometimes they are ready to make. These include food made by you at home, some packaged purees and vegetables and fruits
  • Regular packaged food- These food products are not fully organic as they require some preservatives to protect them. But as regulations are strict now they are not harmful in any way. Cereals, formula milk and many items including baby snacks come in this list.


Always look for the packaging of the food. We suggest keeping cereals and ready mix in an airtight container. As keeping them in a normal atmosphere may result in the formation of lumps. Also while buying ready to eat foods buy small packets so that your baby may finish it at a time and you don’t need to preserve it.

Also if you see any leaks or damaged containers never buy them. Along with it also pay special attention to the Mfg and expiry date of the product.

What to look for while buying Baby food in india

Buying baby food guide

While buying baby food in India for your little one look for all these things and factors these are-

Nutritional Value-

The nutritional value of the food is the no.1 reason to purchase that food. Food with high nutritional is always recommended. While buying baby food one must always look for Protein, DHA, ARA, Iron, Zinc, Vitamins and minerals. You should also check the composition of each of them.

Manufacturers most of the time state them in percentage so it is easy to look for these values

Age preference-

Age preference is also an important factor while buying baby food in India. As said earlier food for bigger age group is not recommended for younger babies. As it can cause choking hazard. While if you choose one made for smaller age group it doesn’t provide enough nutrition to them

So always look for the age group while buying any of them.

Allergic reactions-

Babies usually develop an allergy to some food. This is the reason you should introduce a variety of food to them to know any allergies if your baby has. And if you already know any allergy them try not to include that food to some extent.

Allergies are common and they generally outgrow with age.

Safety measures

Always take safety measures as babies have a delicate immune system that is prone to many risks. This is the reason you should not go behind the manufacturer’s slogan and look for the composition of the products. Also, see the expiry and Mfg date of the product.

Baby’s preference

Every parent wants to give the baby food of their choice. Babies generally become used to a particular type of food. But doing this is not OK. This will result in a picky eater who only eats a particular food. Instead, give your baby a variety of food. This will help you in future.

Now lets get to know about the best baby foods available in india-

Best food for baby in India

As per your ease in this list of best baby food we have included foods from stage 1 to stage 4. So if your baby comes in stage3 catagory you can look for that particular type only.

So lets get started-

Stage1 (for 0-6 months)

Nothing other than milk should be given to babies younger than 6 months old. Breastmilk is considered as the best food for this age. But if due to some reason its not available than you can also nourish your baby with Formula milk. The best formula milk for babies are

1. Nutricia’s Aptamil 1 Infant Formula Powder

Best infant formula for babies

Enriched with nutrients required for the proper growth of the baby Aptamil is the no.1 formula in this list. The formula is rich in DHA and ARA which helps in proper brain development and visual skills. Proper Amount of iron in the milk help in physical growth.

And along with all this, it is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals that helps in gaining weight. All of the above the product is 100% vegetarian.

It has an optimum ratio of prebiotics which provide strength to the immune system.

Protein and Calcium in the diet help in physical growth and development of bones.

it is rich in Vitamin A, C, D and K

The formula helps in proper brain development as it is rich in DHA and ARA

it is easy to digest and rarely cause stomach problems.

This product is 100% vegetarian

It has proper age appropriate formula for proper development and growth

2. Nestle PRE NAN

Nestle PRE NAN is made especially for premature and underweight babies. Keeping in mind the need for premature this formula is easy to digest. And has all essential required for the development of baby.

Formula milk for babies in india

It contains the optimum amount of iron required for the development. Along with this It also has Zinc, DHA along ARA which proves beneficial for brain development.

It is rich in calcium and thus helps in bones development.

Specially made for premature babies

To reduce the risk of anemia proper amount of iron is present in it

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Stage 2 (6-8 months) food for baby in India

This is the age when you start introducing solid food to your baby. Cereals, Dal soup, lentils, mashed fruits and purees are considered an ideal food for this age. But as you start starting start with a thin consistency and only one tablespoon. And gradually increase both texture and amount of food.

The best food brands and their products for this catagory are-

3. Nestle CERELAC Baby Cereal

CERELAC from Nestle is one of the most popular and recognized cereals for baby in India. Rich in iron it provides 75% of the baby’s daily iron needs in 2 servings. Rich in proteins and a total of 19 vitamins and minerals the cereals helps in the proper growth of the baby.

Best cereals for 6 months old

Moreover, the best part is it travels friendly as all you need is some boiled water to prepare it. Also, if you are a working women caretaker and grandparents can also feed your child.

So far it is the best baby cereal for 6 months old.

Contains fortified iron and fulfills the daily iron needs in just 2 servings

Goodness of milk protein and calcium helps in weight gain and bones development

Vitamins and minerals help in strengthening the immune system and thus ensure proper physical growth

It is 100% vegetarian

The best part is CERELAC stage 1 cereals for baby comes in 3 flavors you can select any of them according to your preferance. All are rich in Iron which is required by infants are than adults.

4. Tiny spoons Organic baby food puree

Purees and fruits are the first solid food for a baby. And that’s what tiny spoons brings to us. The brand is known to make delicious and organic vegetable purees for babies. They also offer 3 different flavours that include the goodness of fruits like Apple, Banana, Sweetpotato strawberry and a few more.

Best puree for baby

Unlike other baby food where you need to prepare the food it comes in ready to eat mixture.

The packaging of the product is BPA free. And is designed in such a way that one packet serves 1 time of food. This is done in order to avoid contamination as the puree is ready to eat. If your baby eats less you can refrigerate it for some time. But make sure you finish it within a day.

Similarly, the product is organic, and no preservatives are included in it. It proves safe for a baby’s delicate digestive system.

Tiny spoons puree comes in small packets which avoid contamination of food

Purees are 100% organic and no preservatives are included

Only fresh fruits are used and artificial flavor is completely excluded

provides wholesome nutrition to your little one

The product is EU certified

IT is 100% vegetarian

Unlike other ready to eat food, it is pasteurized and not sterilised and thus ensures to retain maximum nutrition

5. Slurrp farm Cereals

Cereals by slurp farm are the best organic cereals on the market. They come in many flavours offering all the nutrients required for a baby’s growth.

Organic food for baby in india

Fortified with iron it comes with ragi which offer 10 times more calcium than wheat and rice. Moreover, no maida and white sugar are present as it is 100% organic.

It is the best organic baby food in india, has a great taste and is easy to digest

this wholesome baby food is made with organic ingredients including ragi, milk solids, vitamins and minerals.

There are no artificial flavours in it.

Easy to make and is a great choice while travelling.

The blend contain Ragi which is more powerful than wheat and rice

100% organic baby food.

No preservatives included

6. Happa Organic Baby Food Porridge Mix

Best organic food for 9 month old

Khichdi is the most common baby food for Indians you know so far. Happa’s organic Brown rice rich porridge (khichdi) is an extremely nutritious diet for a baby’s day meal. Made with brown rice it provides more energy to the baby and thus result in strengthening the immune system and physical growth of your little one.

Moreover, it is easy to digest making the best food for a baby over 6 months. With no added preservatives and artificial flavours. It proves a good source of Selenium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Zinc.

No preservatives and additives added

Brown rice is rich in levels of maganese which result in strong bones and stronger matabolism

100% organic and made with wholegrains and fresh fruits.

Easy to digest and has good taste

Easy to make and becomes ready in 5 minutes

Comes in 3 different flavors, each is rich in essential macro nutients

Stage 3 (9-12 months) food for baby in India

By the end of the 8th month, your baby will develop the ability to eat more textured foods. And here now he comes to stage 3. In this stage, most of the nutrition of the baby must come from solid foods. You can now give him Rice, finger fruits, peas, apple (cut into small pieces) and other soft foods.

Best food for babies in India of this age are-

7. Timios melts

best ready to eat snacks for babies

Everyone loves snacks, especially babies. This healthy snack from timios is a great combination of healthy ingredients and spices.

Made from whole grain fruits and vegetables it proves as a good protein and iron.

Speaking of texture they are soft and lightweight puffs that get dissolved as the baby put them in the mouth. Moreover, they are baked and not fried. And is easy to digest

100% organic snack and included no preservatives and additives

Light weight and is easy to digest

Made with fresh fruits and comes in 2 flavours

Rich in dietry fibre and also has protein and iron

the puffs are baked and not fried

This product is 100% vegetarian

As it is ready to use it makes it a good evening snack and travelling essential

8. First bites baby cereal with milk

Best organic food for infants

First bites are the brand that introduces organic baby food in India. it comes in a yummy flavour with the main ingredients as Wheat, Spinach and carrot.

The cereal comes in powder form and you can adjust the texture and consistency according to your baby needs. Moreover, it contains no artificial flavour and is easily digestible.

Taking about nutritional facts It is rich in protein and other essential macronutrients. Omega 3 fatty acids prove beneficial for the brain and along with iron which helps in proper physical growth

Rich in all essentials vitamins, minerals and fatty acids

Made with only organic ingredients and contains no preservatives

Ideal food for breakfast and for travelling purpose

Tastes good

And in addition, easy to digest

India’s first organic baby food

easy to make and doesn’t require any preperation

Contains goodness of milkto ensure bone development

It comes in a box packing so after opening shift all the mix in a air tight container

9. Slurrp Farm Organic Sprouted Ragi Powder

The sprouted Ragi powder mix by slurrp farm is itself one of a kind. Made with Ragi which has 3 times more calcium than milk helps to develop bones. In addition, it is made gluten-free and has sprouted to enhance nutrition.

Best solid food for babies

The best part of this mix is you can adjust the consistency and taste of the mixture. And can make different things according to your baby’s preference. Some recipes that you can make are Kichhdi, Dosa, Halwa and even Roti

In addition it is easy to digest. Overall it is the best solid food for babies

Made mainly with sprouts and ragi and has more Calcium than milk.

It is gluten free and has more nutritional content than any other formula.

Easy to make and can be customized into different dishes and flavours.

100% natural and has no preservatives and additives

It is 100% USDA certified.

Has 3 times more calcium than milk.

Ideal for morning breakfast

Other than these foods you can also give your baby pasta full meals that you prepare for your family only by the age after 12 months.

10. Early foods Multigrain Millet & Ragi Choco Jaggery Cookies

Biscuits for babies

Biscuits and cookies are loved by everyone. . One can consume it directly, with milk or can make a smootie with it. These jaggery cookies from early food is a perfect choice for teeting babies.

Made with multigrain and ragi they provide more calcium than any other cookies in the market. In addition, they are made from 0% maida and just contains only simple organic ingredients.

Being organic they have a longer shelf life. And the best part is it you can give to your little one in different forms. They are soft but if your baby is not able to chew it you can also give it to them with milk.

100% organically made contain only simple and fresh nuts and grains

Easy to digest

More nutritious and contains no maida and white sugar

Contains no additives, artificial color, artificial flavours and stabalisers

freshly prepared from only wholegrain, nuts and contains 0% Maida

Contains no sweetners and white sugar


The aim of this article is to help you in understanding the Stages of baby and baby food. Buying guides you should follow while buying food for your baby. Plus how organic food help in growth and nutrition. All the products reviewed here are of the best quality and you can easily find them on any shopping website.

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