Diaper Bag Checklist 101: Complete guide for all Parents

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When you are out with your baby a Diaper Bag proves a perfect accessory for convenience, Peace of mind and freedom. Packing a bag only with Diapers, Wipes and feeding bottles is not a good idea. You have to take into consideration all other things that will ultimately save you and your baby from a bad day. This Diaper bag checklist will definitely help you to pack your baby bag with perfection.

Before packing a Diaper bag think of all those scenarios that you might face and then after start preparing it.

Diaper Bag packing tips

Directly skipping to a Diaper bag checklist is not fair. Before that, these three packing tips will help you with proper direction to pack a bag for your baby.

How old is your baby?

If you have a newborn baby your bag can be lighter as your baby completely rely on breastfeeding for nourishment. Moreover, he can be satisfied with only one toy. And you don’t need any feeding bottles or snacks for them. But on the opposite side for a toddler, you will need all those things and your bag can become more havier.

How long you will be out with your baby?

The time for which you be out with your baby plays a vital role in packing a baby bag. If you are out for more time you will need more diapers and food/snacks.

Depending on the time you will be out with your baby you can increase or decrease the stock of necessary items you need. If you have a toddler always remember to put an extra toy for his entertainment.

Where you will be going?

The place where you are visiting completely alter the Diaper bag checklist. If you are going to a relative’s place you will not need a changing mat and feeding covers.

On the other side if you are visiting a restaurant then along with these items you also need extra diapers and disposable diaper bags for keeping soiled diapers. While preparing a diaper bag always look for baby,s habits like and dislike.

Diaper Bag Checklist

In this Diaper bag checklist our aim to cover all the products and accessories that are necessary for your little one and you. Moreover, according to your Preferences, Baby’s habits, Timing and Place you can pack your bag accordingly.

1. Diapering Essentials

Diapers and Wipes

best cloth diaper in india

Diapers and Wipes always come first in our mind when it comes to packing a diaper bag. In fact, they are the most important component of a diaper bag checklist. But make sure to carry sufficient amount of diapers according to your needs.

Always keeps one diaper for every two hours you are out means if you are out for 2 hours to take 1 diaper with you. If you are planning to be out for a long time always take extra 1-2 extra diapers with you.

Wipes are a must and are as important as diapers. Along with cleaning baby’s butt, you can also use it to clean baby’s burp and dirty hands. Almost all bags come with a side pocket to keep tissue and wipes for easy reachability

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Diaper changing pads

diapering essential list

Changing mats nowadays comes attached with Diaper bags but for your convenience, we suggest you keep an extra mat with you. Most parents end up using a soft cloth or a blanket but investing in changing mat is not a bad idea. It proves as a great essential for travelling purpose

Moreover, it also caters pockets to keep wipes and diapers and in addition, saves your beloved little one by providing a barrier between surface and baby.

Disposable diaper bags

diaper bag checklist for dad

If you are using cloth diapers the first thing that you think the most is where to keep those soiled diapers. That’s where Disposable bags comes in our mind. These bags are scented and are able to lock all odour and bad smell.

We recommend to always use these bags as these can keep your bag clean, hygenic and smell free

2. Baby skincare and haircare list

Keeping baby’s skin healthy and free from infections is the first priority of every parent. That’s why putting skincare items in your baby bag can be a good decision. You can keep small Rash cream, baby powder, and lotion for a picnic or a day trip

Diaper Rash Ointments/Creams

Desitin Maximum strength

Diaper rash ointments are a life-saving product. They help you to soothe your baby from those irritating and red rashes. You can choose between ointments and cream as both of them have a different purpose.

Rash cream can left stain on cloth diapers so be careful to use them on cloth diapers.

For long trips like a vacation for a week or for 2-3 days along with above products, you must include a Baby shampoo, oil and moisturiser in your nappy bag

3. Feeding essentials

No one knows at what time the baby feels hungry or become thirsty. Taking feeding essentials or some snacks for a small walk can be a good idea. You must always include feeding essentials in your checklist.

Water bottles and Feeding bottles

DIaper bag checklist for newborn and toddlers

Your baby will surely feel hungry and thirsty during a road trip or a walk in the park. Forgetting these two essential in your diaper bag can bring a whole new problem for you. Always keep a minimum of two water bottles with you so that you and your baby can stay hydrated.

For feeding bottles, we must say that it depends on the time for which you are out and also on your baby. If he/she is already introduced to solid food then along with milk you can also keep some snacks with you. Moreover, your bag has a separate pocket to keep bottles and milk warm

Covers for Feeding

Feeding covers would be of great use if your baby is newborn or is completely dependent on breastfeeding. Feeding babies in public always put moms in an embarrassing situation. You can also use a blanket while breastfeeding to cover your baby

Snacks and wafers

Baby bag essentials for toddlers

Toddlers like to eat crispy snacks and wafers more than any other food. While going on a picnic to the park or travelling to the countryside these sweet and spicy snacks will always delight your family time. In addition, you can also keep some fresh and sweet fruits in it.

4. Toys and Entertainment

newborn's checklist for diaper bag

Babies become frustrated when they are in an unfamiliar place or when they saw something strange. Toys can help you in this condition. Always take one or two of your baby’s favourite toys in the diaper bag. This will entertain them and you can sit relaxed and comfortable away from any crying and screaming sound.

For girls, you can choose soft toys and dolls and for boys, you can use toys like cars. Soft toys can also be used. Just make sure that the toy doesn’t have a small part. You can also use teether or small babies as they are small and can be satisfied easily

5. Mothers personal items

Including all your essential items in a diaper, bag checklist can be a great idea. That’s why along with baby’s essentials don’t forget to put your needy things. Always try to keep some extra cash along with your wallet in the bag so that you can use the in need. Other things you can keep are your daily and needy items. Access the thing you need throughout the day like medicines or any other thing and then pack your bag accordingly.

Remember you are the caretaker of your baby and your baby needs you the most. Forgetting necessary personal things puts not only you but also your baby to a whole new danger. So we would say that along with the baby’s care you must also take care of yourself and pack the bag accordingly.

6. Other necessary items

Other necessary things may include items like blankets, extra clothes. Some extra winter clothes depending on the season. Keep 1-2 nipples extra for milk bottles. Keep your key wallet and other items close and hidden from others reach


This diaper bag checklist includes all the basic and essentials things that your baby and you might need while you are out.

Although this checklist is not accurate for every baby as the needs and wants of everyone is different. And that’s why we recommend you to assess your baby needs and then after start preparing the diaper bag.

For your convenience, we have made an image of this checklist. So that you never lack any essential while you are away from home with your baby

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