Complete Feeding schedule for Your baby’s first year

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Feeding is the most important part of a baby’s daily routine. As your newborn has a small stomach he needs to be fed every 2-3 hours. And as a new parent, you must find it difficult to figure out when your little one is hungry and needs nourishment. This is why keeping a proper baby feeding schedule can help you track your baby’s feeding and also avoid dealing with the fussy little ones.

Schedules can be a holy grail to parenting and can be made on any baby care activity be it bathing, sleeping, feeding or any other activity. But in this article, we will talk only about the Baby feeding schedule for the first year.

A quick look at the baby feeding chart

On day one when your baby is born his stomach is very small and can hold almost 1-2 tablespoon of liquids. But as he grows one week old his feeding capacity and his naptime gradually increases.

You will find that as your baby grows it becomes difficult to keep a track record of every feeding sessions. But don’t worry about that we have gathered a simple feeding schedule chart below with both feedings frequency and amount of quantity to be fed each session.

Baby feeding chart by age

Baby feeding Schedule

For breastfed newborns- 2 months

You will be shocked to know that your baby when born is hungry and needs nourishment. Newborn babies need to be fed after every 2-3 hours. You will find that your baby is sleepy but it is normal so you might need to wake him up for feeding. But as your little one grows he/she will feed at a faster rate and also her nap time decreases.

Tracking that baby is feeding enough is trickier if you are breastfeeding. You can track your baby by counting the number of wet and soiled diapers he produces. If he changes 7-8 diapers a day and is gaining weight it is a sign that he is getting proper nutrition.

Tips while you are breastfeeding your newborn
  • Time between two feeding sessions is measured when feeding start not when feeding ends.
  • Make sure to burp your baby after every feeding sessions(burping is common and is practised on babies of all age)
  • Follow your baby cues if she turns her head from breast or seems uninterested it means that she is full.

Newborn babies need to be fed on demand after every couple of hours. It means that you have to feed him after every2-3 hours. But as your baby grows and his stomach stretches he will take in more milk at one feeding sessions. Moreover it becomes a lot easier as baby’s daily routine develops as he grows.

Newborn baby feeding schedule
For formula fed babies

Similar to breastfeeding formula-fed babies are also nourished on demand. The main difference is that babies fed with formula tend to take in more milk during each sitting. This means that if your baby relies on the formula you need to feed them every 3-4 hours (breastfeeding is required every2-3 hours).

According to the amount of formula that a newborn baby need is around 2-3 ounces (60-90 ml).

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For babies 3-5 months old

At this age, you and your baby gradually begin to develop a daily schedule. You will notice that your baby is now taking more food(milk) at one time and also his bedtime decreases. However the feeding needs of the baby changes as he grows so you’ll need to slightly change your feeding schedule.

Breastfed baby schedule
  • Now you will find that your baby becomes active and needs less frequent feeding and also take longer naps.
  • Babies of this age needs to be fed every 3-4 hours.
  • Follow the rule of thumb, always follows your baby hunger cue. Some cue baby give are smacking lips, sucking fingers. Crying is the last cue that your baby is hungry.

These tips and technique will help to follow your baby schedule and also saves much of your time

Formula fed baby schedule

Tracking the baby who relies on the formula is easy so you can easily estimate your baby needs. Generally at this age baby takes about 5 ounces of milk at each sitting. Also, your baby will sleep for a longer time.

At this stage we suggest you to shift to upper size nipple or change the bottle style completely.

For babies 6-8 months old

At this stage your baby and you have attain the half year milestone. Many many congratulations!

At the age of six months you can introduce solid food to your baby. But make sure that you offer them only soft and mashed solid foods.

Some solid foods you can give your baby are Mashed bananas, Boiled and mashed beans, the pureed vegetable can also be a good choice. But keep in mind according to us, cereals are not recommended as they can be dangerous.

6 Month old feeding schedule

Also don’t completely rely on your baby on solid food. Instead, Continue to give your baby breast milk or formula as she wants. Keep feeding frequency 6-7 times a day.

For babies 8-10 months old

This is the age when you can introduce your baby to a more variety of solid foods. Puree of meat vegetable or fruits is the most recommended food at this age. In addition, you will notice that the daytime feeding of the baby is reduced.

At this age slowly your baby will begin to wean off breastmilk or formula as now his growing body demands more solid food for nutrition. A daily schedule recommended for this stage will be at least 2 servings of solid food and 4-5 serving of formula or breastmilk (7-8 oz).

Two simple tips that might help you are as under

  • At this age, you can introduce your baby to a variety of solid food. AAP says that stick to one type of solid food for 3-4 days to see that a particular type of food is allergic to your baby or not.
  • Dont completely rely on solid food for nutrition instead use it as a suppliment to fuel nutrition.

For 10-12 months

This is the age when a baby can consume most of the solid foods. You can offer them cereals, finger fruits or any kind of food he likes. He may also demand the food he likes the most. A different variety of foods now can be offered to him.

Precuations that must be taken at this age is not to offer choking foods like popcorns.

You should make sure not to stop giving milk or formula and they must be given almost 4 times a day. As babies of this age takes in about 30-32 ounces of milk during the period of 24 hours.

Feeding schedule for 1 year old

Feeding schedule of 1 year old

At this age your baby has completed his first year. Now you can include almost everything that is nutritious and healthy for your baby with a minor exeption on choking hazardious food like popcorn and nuts.

Also, you can now add cow milk to your baby’s diet, however, some babies were unable to tolerate it (due to their weak digestive system). if your baby is able to take it make sure to include 20-24 ounces of milk in his daily diet. In addition, you can continue to nurse your little one if you wish as their is no such guidelines when to stop nursing your baby.

You will also notice that your baby will now eat less frequently and was able to take more food in each sitting. For this age atleast 3 meals and 2 snacks a day are recommended.

Helpful Tips while getting on a baby feeding schedule

Schedules develop only after the age of 3 months before that don’t expect anything from your baby and feed him regularly and on demand.

Follow your baby cues. It will help you to anticipate his needs and ultimately reduce the chances of dealing with fussy little one

Until the recommended age feed your little one with formula or breastmilk. And while starting solid start with soft and mashed friuts and vegetables

F.A.Q by parent

Do I need to burp my baby after every feeding?

Yes after feeding session your need to burp your newborn baby. This is highly recommended as baby take in air during feeding which may lead to gas. That is why burping your little one is necessary.

When to start solid food to baby?

You can start solid food once your baby is 6 months old. While introducing solid Make sure that you start with mashed and soft foods like boiled and mashed beans, mashed bananas etc.

What are the baby feeding cues?

Your baby cannot get on a feeding schedule from the moment he is born. For the first 3 months, you have to follow your little one’s hunger cues. Some hunger cues that baby give are Smacking lips, Licking fingers, Looking for a bottle or breast when you hold him for cuddling. Crying is the last cue of hunger.

Which feeding bottle is best for babies?

For newborn, we may suggest you go with Philips Avent or Doctor browns feeding bottle. You can also read this article for the best feeding bottles

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