Best Toys for Baby Girls India 2020

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At the age of one, your baby is becoming active day by day and is curious to find new things. But it can lead them to a whole risk of touching and grabbing the unwanted things. You can encourage and divert your baby mind from touching unwanted things by giving them toys. In this blog, We will be going to tell you the best baby toys for girls.

Selecting a baby toy for your girl becomes difficult when your baby is just one year old. She doesn’t know what is good and what is bad for her. Thus finding a Good toy that is enjoyable yet safe for your baby becomes frustrating. But as you are here we will show you the best-handpicked baby toys for girls, all you have to do is have a seat, a cup of tea and read this article.

Keeping in mind the physical mental and emotional growth, look out for these features when right toy for your cutie pie.

Toys with High Contrast or Bright Colour

As your baby grows their vision develops and they can distinguish bright colours more than dull colours and they are more likely to attract towards them. Giving them toys that have bright colours like red, yellow or green would be good as it will attract them and encourage them to play avoiding unwanted things.

Toys with no small parts

Toys with small parts can be very dangerous for babies as they can swallow them easily. So choosing a toy with no small parts is a very good decision for you as well as your baby

Keeping in mind the needs of your baby and the above points we have selected the best baby toys that your baby would love to play with.

Here are some Toys for Baby Girls

1. Satyam Kraft Stuffed Giraffe Soft Toy For Baby Girls

Satyam Kraft Stuffed Giraffe Soft Toy

This Stuffed Giraffe Soft Toy is made of high-quality fabric and filling material. It is so lovely and charming and its bright colour would make your baby fall for it. Its soft material, bright colours and alluring eyes cannot stop your baby from playing with it. The reason we kept it no.1 is because of its bright colours and good quality fabric. This kind baby toys for girls as well as boys are very attractive and cute and your baby would love to play with it.

Product Features-

  • High-Quality filling material.
  • Elephant shape soft toy.
  • Recommended age- Zero months and up.

2. PopSugar Baby’s First Block

learning Toys for Baby Girls

Popsugar Baby’s First Blocks would be the best toy for your baby as your baby can learn new things while she plays. Made with high-quality plastic this toy is best for your baby as they exercise their problem-solving skills by finding out the way to put the correct block into the correct place. The best part of buying this toy is that your baby will learn new things while playing with them. It is the greatest toy for a baby who is one year old.

Product features-

  • 10 colourful blocks to sort, stack & drop.
  • All blocks fit inside the bucket for storage.
  • Easy carry handle for take-along play.
  • Introduces colours, shapes and ABCD.
  • Babies will exercise their problem-solving skills.

3. Kiddale Interactive Children Book

Baby Toys For Girld

Kiddale Interactive Children Book helps your child learn new things in an effective and fast way. This toy is best for age more than 3 years which is pretty obvious. It is a good toy for your children as they can learn basic while playing.

Product Features-

  • Audio interactive children learning a colourful book.
  • Excellent toy for preschools to introduce new alphabets and numbers.
  • Help learn fruits, animals, number, shapes and colours.
  • Safe reliable and colourful picture book.

4. Vibgyor Vibes Lovely Mixed Attractive Rattles for Babies

Rattles toys for baby girls

Rattle toys are not only for fun but also improve your child visual skills and lay the foundation for a strong concentration level in future.

Product Features-

  • Safe and non-toxic material used; Assorted rattles with lovely colours.
  • Develops grasping abilities.
  • Develops shape recognition, hand-eye coordination, tactile training, hearing and colour recognition.

5. Webby Kids Play Zone Tent

Webby Kids Play Zone Tent

An ultimate play area for your baby to play filled with soft plastic balls which comes with the product. Although the recommended age is 3 your kids will love to surround themselves in the play zone with innumerable soft plastic balls which come with the product.

Product Features-

  • 1 Piece Hexagonal shape with alternate mesh sides with a basketball slot, 50 Pieces Soft plastic balls.
  • Special Features: Kids will love to surround themselves in the play zone with innumerable soft plastic balls which come with the product.

6. Baybee Baby Horse Rider

Baybee Baby Horse Rider

A smooth and perfect ride for your toddlers made with high-quality plastic and rounded edges so that your baby remains safe. Baybee is kids friendly and supports 20kg weight with an unbreakable body and fancy cartoon face. It would be the best baby toy for girls/boys as well as a good ride for your baby.

Product Features-

  • rounded edges to keep your baby safe
  • built-in seat belt
  • fancy cartoon character to keep your baby engaged

7. Baby Bathing Rubber Squeaky Ducks

Baby Bathing Rubber Squeaky Ducks

Bathing is one of the most important routines for the baby. This baby bathing rubber duck will surely make your little one’s bath time very joyful and sweet. The ducky set is a cool bath toy for kids and babies. If you squeeze it makes sound floats in a bathtub without leaking. Let your baby enjoy while bathing with this little ducky ducks.

Product Features-

  • Ducky set is a cool bath baby toy.
  • These bath toys are colourful and just the right size to fit into little hands and engage kids during bath time
  • Non-Toxic material, Squeeze toys for kids. Make a sound when squeezed.
  • Compact design, you can play with water. Your children’s bathing will be more lively. Lots of entertainment, just use your imagination. Made of lightweight, Soft Plastic. Bright colours to catch children’s eye.

8. Ultra Cute Sitting Dog Baby Toys for Girls

Ultra Cute Sitting Dog Soft Toy

Soft toys for babies is the choice of every parent as it looks cute and also engages with babies very much. This soft toy dog looks very cute with its charming eyes and is very soft and fluffy available in three colours. This is the best gift for babies, anniversary, valentines day to express your love to your dear ones.

Product Features-

  • Made from Soft Material
  • washable nontoxic
  • soft and adorable, excellent for gifts

9. Barbie – Doll & Playset Baby Toys for Girls

Barbie Doll & Playset with Hair Styling Accessories

Dolls are one of the favourite toys for girls whether she is baby, toddler or young aged. This beautiful Barbie doll will be best for your baby girl. She will play with her and it can surely become her best friend by the time.

Product Features-

  • A hairbrush and doll hair dryer let young stylists play out the prep on Barbie doll to get her ready for any occasion

10. Portable Small First Bongo Drums

Portable Small First Bongo Drums

Portable Small Bongo Drums can be the best for your rockstar baby girl. It is the most attractive toy that comes with multiple modes to play.

  • Portable for travel and occupies baby attention
  • Comes with three play modes
  • safe product- lead-free, non-toxic and safe for 9+ months

11- Pearl Extra Soft Stuffed Unicorn Baby Toys for Girls

Cute baby toys for girls

This Extra soft fabric toy feels amazing. A unicorn for life if your daughter loves cute animals than this stuffed unicorn toy would be the best gift for your baby. Available in three colours this super cute unicorn will bring a smile on our babyface at first sight.

Product Features-

  • Special soft fabric toy. Feels absolutely amazing
  • A high-end product with embroidery work
  • Best for birthday gifts


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