11 Best Stylish Diaper Bag for Moms in India 2021

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A mother has to take all the necessary baby care items and products when she is planning to go out with her little one. And then things get worst when all the item get messed up and you keep on finding them in your handbag. A diaper bag is an ultimate solution to all these problems

Whether you want to go grocery shopping or a picnic with family or any other trip or outing these bags help to keep your baby’s essentials organised. This is why having a Diaper bag is a must-have accessory for all babies and parents.

How to choose the right Diaper bag

While choosing the right bag to keep your Baby’s essentials moms and dads must look for these features. Here are some features you need to look for:-

Spacious Compartments:

While selecting the baby bag you must look for bags that have spacious compartments. Moreover, big compartments let you keep all the stuff freely so that you can easily take out the things whenever your baby needs them.

More Pockets:

Dedicated spaces given in compartments are Pockets. In every Baby bag look for separate pockets for bottles, diapers and clothes. It would be great if they have an additional pocket to keep soiled diapers. Moreover, moms can also use them to keep their purse and phones.

Changing pads:

Nowadays bags come with an inbuilt changing pad. These changing docks are attached to the bags and some of them are fully removable. These changing pads provide an instant solution for changing diaper and clothes.

Additional straps for strollers:

Look for bags that have additional straps for strollers. So you can hang on the bag on the stroller. This can help you to go hands-free and you can focus on your baby more.

Easy to clean:

Make sure that you buy bags that are easy to clean. look for microfibre or nylon as an inner layer as they can be cleaned easily. Avoid vinyl-based designer bags as they can crack after some wear and tear.

Look for a dad-friendly bag:

Buy a bag that is plain and decent and doesn’t have floral or heavy prints. Buy unisex bags if you want to change it with your partner

Always buy a good quality bag as they will be of great use for the first 3-4 years. In our opinion never buy cheap one’s to save some money rather go for a good brand with good fabric and long-lasting service.

Type of Diaper bag

Backpack Diaper Bags

backpack style diaper bag

These type of bags are best as they offer hands-free convenience and are easier to carry for a long period of time.

Totes Style Diaper Bags

Diaper bag stylish

These types of bags offer more space than backpack style. This makes them a better choice for a day out or a weakened trip. Always look for more pockets and sections to keep things organised. Tote bags resemble more to women Handbags

Messenger Diaper Bags

These bags are also referred to as sling bags they slung around the shoulder and are worn around the chest. They are more comfortable than tote bags. Moreover, they prove best if you want to wear them for a long period of time.

Convertible Diaper Bags

Some diaper bags can work as Backpacks, Totes and Messenger bags depending on how you want to use them. They are usually a bit bigger and can be used by both Moms and Dads

Best Diaper Bags for Babies and Moms in India

While looking for the best diaper bag look you must check its durability, fabric and space provided. You can also see the reviews provided by customers for more information. Below are the list and all information for the Best Diaper Bag, from classic old bags to new style trends.

1. Kiddale Baby Diaper bag for Moms

backpack style diaper bag

Why we like it

  • The bag has an independent laptop compartment which is best for working parents
  • The diaper has 14 pockets to keep things organised out of these 3 are thermal pockets to keep milk warm
  • The bag has a separate pocket for wipes on the side and mothers can easily take out the wipes and tissue when needed
  • This Bag is waterproof and is made of high-quality odour free PU material
  • It comes with stroller straps and an inbuilt diaper changing station

Designed to fit modern style with durability Kiddale bags are made of high-quality PU fabric. The small bags can store items in the most organised way and comes with 14 pockets.

The main compartment of this bag is very spacious and can handle most of our baby needs. The front compartment of the bag caters bottle holders which are insulated and can be used to store milk. Moreover, you can use the back one for your personal use and can keep all your stuff including a laptop in it.

2. Bagsfinitee Tote Classic Diaper Bag

Diaper bag stylish

Why we like it

  • This bag comes with 11 pockets a changing pad and a side pocket to grab on wipes and tissue easily
  • Can hold almost every baby essential even toys and clothes
  • The material of the bag is waterproof and can easily be cleaned with a wipe
  • The stripes design and leather colour straps look nice and stylish
  • Moms can also go handsfree with the additional stroller straps which are included with this bag

Hangs neatly on the stroller and looks elegant over the shoulder this Tote Diaper bag is of great use and is stylish. The attractive PU handles and striped design also provide good strength and classy look.

The bag can be able to store almost all of your baby needs and also comes with an insulated pocket to store milk bottles. Similarly, the side of the bag has a dedicated pocket to keep wipes and tissue. In addition, the material of the bag is also durable, waterproof and can be cleaned easily.

3. Motherly Multipurpose Diaper Handbag

best diaper bags in india

Why we like it

  • The bag comes with 3 layered waterproof fabric and the inner layer is made of PU material.
  • The straps of the bags are adjustable and provide 3 ways carrying option.
  • Like all motherly bags, stroller hooks are also included with this bag.
  • It has 5 zip opening 2 on the side 2 on the front and 1 large compartment helps to keeps things organised
  • The bag is washable but make sure to use a soft cleanser and do not bleach it.

Motherly is best in making accessories for babies and mothers. This bag by them is a good example of their craftsmanship. The fabric of the bag is very nice and durable and in addition, it is also washable.

The bag comes with 9 pocket storage can take of all your baby needs. Carrying and handling of the bag is very easy thanks to the 3 ways carrying and stroller hooks feature. Above all, this bag is most suitable for a day outing and a weekend trip

4. Voroly Nappy bag

stylish bag for moms

Why we like it

  • The bag is very spacious from inside and can handle multiple big and small items
  • the bag has a separate insulated compartment for bottles which keeps them safe from other contaminating products
  • Metal zippers that are used in bags are very durable and long-lasting
  • The back of the bag also contains a zipper pocket to keep your wallet and other valuable things.
  • The bag also includes a changing mat with it

This baby diaper bag for moms helps you to keep all your baby’s things well maintained and organised. It is designed perfectly keeping in mind the need of every new parent. Moreover, separate pockets for little things make it super easy and mess-free

Moms and dads can use it when travelling with baby or for their own purpose also. The zipper of the bags are very durable and made of metal. In all this is a perfect bag for every kid whether he is newborn or a toddler.

Over all it is the most mordern and stylish bag for new moms and parents

5. R for Rabbit Waterproof Maternity Bag

bags for new moms

Why we like it

  • The design of the bag is Ergonomic and is comfortable for long time use
  • The dimension of the bag is 18x12x9.5 which makes it a highly spacious and organised bag.
  • The bag also caters the changing mat and accessories pocket for the convenience of parents.
  • Large capacity and wide opening helps to find and put in things easily
  • Moreover, you can also use it as a regular bag along with the diaper bag

The bag can help you to keep all your baby’s stuff in one place. Perfect for travelling purpose it can easily handle your baby’s load of 3-4 days. In addition, the hidden pockets help to keep valuables and insulated pockets keep food fresh for many hours.

Being a nice product the bag also has a changing pad and tissue and in addition, smart pockets are also included for keeping gadgets and wearables. Above all, its a great product and can be used for multiple purposes.

6. Mee Mee Multipurpose Diaper Bag

mom baby bags

Why we like it

  • The bag can store clothes, diapers, feeding accessories toys and even lightweight bedding accessories at once
  • The middle large compartment organises almost all bigger products like blankets and toys
  • Small pockets on the inside help to keep small caring items in a specific order.
  • Wide opening allows you to find things easily
  • The bag comes in a 3 way carrying options and is easily transported.
  • It comes with an attached changing mat which makes the task of changing diapers easy.

Parenting today is the most challenging task in the world. With more love comes more care and this Mom baby bag helps to keep your baby’s caring product organised. The bag is easy to carry and is most spacious in its category. Along with essentials, you can also keep bedding and toys in it.

The bag on the other hand is ergonomically designed and doesn’t hurt if used for a long time. Similarly, if we talk about pockets the bag has plenty of them including insulated pockets to keep food and milk fresh. This baby bag is suitable for travel purpose

7. Motherly Stylish Babies Diaper Bags for Mothers

Baby bags for travel

Why we like it

  • It has 13 well-sized pockets for accessible and organised storage
  • The bag has a separate section for keeping clean and soiled/wet clothes
  • It includes an anti-theft pocket and keeps your belongings safe.
  • 2 way opening on the front and back improves reachability and finding products inside becomes easy.
  • The bag is durable and can sustain heavyweights

This bag is made of oxford fabric which is waterproof and can be cleaned easily. In addition, it also has stroller hooks which is another way to carry it and it also allows you to go handsfree. The bag has plenty of pockets and the wide opening allows you to find things easily. In all, it is the most elegant and stylish bag and the best part is Fathers and Mothers both can use it.

8. Bohomia Classic Diaper Bag

Why we like it

  • The bag has enough space to accommodate everything your baby needs even toys also
  • It is ideally a handbag but can also be used by fathers as a sling bag
  • The bag has 13 pockets to keep all your things in an organized way
  • Being a shoulder bag it becomes easy for you to reach inside of the bag even if you have a baby in your arms.
  • It is waterproof from inside and can be cleaned easily using wipes from outside.
  • One of the plus points is along with your baby’s essentials you can also keep your documents and a laptop in it.

This bag for baby’s stuff is so spacious that it can easily cater to all items that your little one needs. Can be used by fathers it can be carried in two ways as a tote or as a slung bag.

Due to its sleek design, it looks more like a casual bag than an essential bag. In addition, the 13 pockets help to keep things in order. It can also be used as a bag for personal use by mothers and girls. This bag is sufficient for small trips.

9. The baby co. Diaper bag

the baby co. diaper bag

Why we like it

  • The bag is cute and yet looks trendy in style
  • Comes with pockets to cater to all your baby needs. Plus it also has a water bottle and lunch box holder
  • Comes with changing station to change a diaper so that you never have an unattended baby
  • The fabric used is multi-layer and is water-resistant. And is rough and tough because of the multilayer fabric
  • Comes in a tote bag style but you can also use it as a messenger bag according to your need.
  • Very spacious and can handle most of your baby’s needs including blanket and cloths for almost 2 days

The diaper bag from The baby co. is a complete package in itself to carry your baby needs. The bag has a large space which can carry most of your baby’s essentials. Plus for bottle and lunch box it hs a seperate bags.

Speaking about other services changing pads for diapering is also included so that you never leave your baby unattended.

The design of the bag is cute and yet looks appealing on the front. It can be used as a tote as well as a messenger bag as per your needs. In short, it is the best deal so far regarding a diaper bag.

10. House of Quirk diaper bag

diaper bag for baby

Why we like it

  • Versatality and uniqueness makes it perfect for every occasion
  • Comes in a variety of 14 colours and patterns and also suits for dads
  • It has a well designed structure and has seperate pockets for keeping wet clothes
  • Dimensions are good and the bag is spacious enough to carry all essentials for your baby needs
  • Talking about features it comes with insulated pockets, Heavy zippers and a back zip.

Everyone want to stay updated with trend and style. This diaper bag from house of quirk is a complete trend in itself. The company offers 14 designs that are unique and designed in such a way that dads can also carry them.

The bag is rough and tough in nature with heavy zippers and handles. it is water proof from the outside and has seperate pockets for wet clothes on the inside. Stroller straps are also included for your convienence and hands free experiance

in all its a trendy and stylish backpack style diaper bag

11. Motherly diaper bag

best diaper bag

Why we like it

  • The bag comes with strudy metal zipper head
  • Made with 3 layered fabric to provide long-lasting service and is waterproof
  • Fish mouth zippers opening helps to navigate easily inside the bag
  • Comes with a crib that can be used for short naps while on a trip and can be used as a changing station
  • Along with all these it has insulated pockets of bottles, anti-theft back pockets and tissue pockets.

An extended vesion of bag cum bed is provided in this motherly diaper bag. It is stylish comes in backpack style. Taking about space it has enough to carry loads of your essentials.. The material is soft yet provides a long lasting service.

In all its a great bag with all amenities and proves ideal for travelling and short trips.

Benefits of buying a diaper bag

Buying a diaper bag offer many benefits. It is an essential item that every parent love and it offers pleasent outdoor family experiance

It is your best friend for every trip as it helps in keeping your baby’s essentials organised. Moreover it also looks classy and stylish.

Benefits of a diaper bag are

Hands free experiance

The best benefit of a diaper bag is that it offers a hands-free experience. You can keep your baby’s as well as your essentials in one place.

The best part is you can spend more time with your family and baby and less time in keeping the baby’s essentials organised

Spacious and keeps thing organised

Diaper bag helps in keeping things organised as they comes dedicated and extra pockets. One can keep clothes for atleast 2 days in a diaper bag.

Along with this many baby’s essentials like Feeding bottles, changing pads, diapers, skin care items and blankets can also be kept in a single bag.


One of the benefits of diaper bag is they are comfortable. You can hang them to your shoulders and need not to worry about all those essential things once you carry on your hands.

Plus the extra straps proves a boon with them you can hang them to the stroller and can go hands free everywhere.

Stylish and versatile

before diaper bags are not much versatile and good looking. But now you can get a variety of different styles from Totes to backpacks style and convertible bags.

Furthermore, you can buy one dark colour which your partner can also carry without any reason.

Secure and organised essentials

Thanks to those secret pockets that help in keeping your car keys and other valuables safe. Plus those small pockets that helps to keep a bunch of things organised so your baby is never unattended even for a second.


At last, we would say that a diaper bag is of great use not only for babies but also for parents. You can take it to the beach, party, grocery shopping or wherever you want. You can choose from a variety of bags. Above all, the bags that we reviewed in this article are of high quality. In addition, they are waterproof easy to carry and can be used by mothers and fathers both

Moreover, all reviewed bags come with multiple pockets to keep things organized and are spacious. In addition, stroller hooks are also provided for hands-free enjoyment in almost all bags.

Happy Parenting!

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