9 best baby walker in India 2021: Review+buying guide

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First step is the most happiest milestone for both parents and baby. After months of rolling and crawling your baby finnaly takes his first steps. However baby always fall while walking and taking his first steps. That’s where baby walker comes into play. Walker for baby helps them to take their first step and also safeguard them during the process.

It is also one of the best gift you can give to your little one.

The market is full of a variety of walker and comes at almost every price range. But most of them are of cheap quality and doesn’t provide safety to the mark. Also, the vast variety makes it difficult to choose the best one for your growing baby.

An ideal walker not only helps the baby with their walking skills but also help him to develop Social and cognitive skills. With that keeping in mind, we will help you in selecting the best walker for your baby.

Advantages of baby walker

Encourage and helps in walking

Sometimes babies delay in taking their first step. They also falls many times and gets injured while walking. Walker helps them to gain their confidence by helping them to walk. They quickly outgrow the fear of being injured and soon start waking by their own.

Develop Cognitive skills

Toys and musical instruments in the walker help to develop the visual and cognitive skills of the baby. They help them develop reasoning power, attention capacity and thus helps in overall development.

Reduce injuries

Walkers not only help and encourage babies to take their first step but also reduces the risk of injuries. It helps to safeguard againt many harmful injuries

Provide independence

Walker not only provide independence to babies but also to parents. Parents can do their daily routine work without having much worry about their child. Similarly, your baby is also enjoying his life without annoying you. So it provides independence to both parents as well as babies

Source of entertainment

Toy or misical panal on the walker is the best source of entertainment for babies. Even if your baby doesn’t like the walker but soon as he hear the musical tones he gets in love with it.

Stimulates him

the toys offered in walker keeps your baby engaged. There is no moment when your baby seems to be dull while he is in the walker. These toys and musical intruments stimulates the baby in every way in both mental and visual ways.

Safety tips while using a baby walker

  • Keep a watch on your baby after every 15-20 minutes.
  • Baby proof your home from all sharp objects, a staircase and tangled cords.
  • Make sure to use a walker on a plain surface and if you use it on an uneven surface make sure that your baby wear shoes.
  • Avoid holding and carrying walker with baby in it. it may result in serious injuries if you fall.
  • Read all the instructions carefully before using it.

What to look for while buying baby walker (buyers guide)

this is the buyer guide that we must follow while buying walker for our baby.

Safety always comes first

Safety always comes first while buying anything for babies. While buying baby walker you must assure that it is made of high quality material. And have features like brakes and antifall body. These features will safeguard him from all injuries and mishaps.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity is the most important factor while looking walker for your baby. This is where quality comes in. Make sure to look for a hard body made walker and not to go with a cheap one. While buying look for a decent weight capacity if 15 kgs.

This will also save your money as one walker will meet your growing baby needs.


Their are 99% chances that your baby will love the walker and spend more than half of his time playing on it. So it need to be comfortable and provide proper leg support to them. Cheap walker comes with a thin sheet of fabric seat that are not upto mark.

They doesnot provide proper leg support and are not at all comfortable. Look for a detachable seat which can be washed for proper hygine


Some walkers are foldable and some are not. The difference is that walkers that are foldable takes in less room space and can be fitted even in the tighest corner of the house

Easy to use

Things that are easy to use are loved by all. A walker should be easy to use and assemble. Some of them are difficult for babies to use maybe because of their weight and height. Sometimes tight wheels also make it difficult for the baby to walk.

Additional safety features

Go for additional safety features if you care enough for well being of your child. Most of these features mostly comes on a high end model. These features are Long wheels base, antifall body, slipping pads and stoppers. These features reduces the chances of any injury by safeguarding them.


Do not buy an expensive walker for the sake of features when you can get one at a good affordable price. when buying consider your budget and then purchase it. But always make sure to buy a quality product as when it comes to baby quality must come first. Don’t go with that cheap quality in the market to save some money.

Types of walker

There are mainly 4 types of walker . They are

2 in 1 Rocker cum Walker

This type of walker can be used in two ways as a chair as well as a walker. this is the reason it is called 2 in 1 rocker cum walker. As per need you can convert it into a chair to provide a sitting place to your little one.

And when he needs to play you can convert it into a walker. Some of these are also foldable an can fit the tightest corner of your house.

Convertable walker

These type of walker can be converted from sit walker to a stand and push walker. The main advantage of this is when your baby gets old you do not need to spend money on another one. As the same can be convertable.

Instead you can use the saved money and can spend on other baby needs.

Sit to stand baby walker

Best baby walker for 9 months

These are the most common walker anyone can think of. They are old school and have no fancy features. But they are best for babies who cannot stand on their own.

Most of them comes with a toy to engage babies but now manufacturers has also introduced handlebars so that parents can encourage them to walk with a little push.

Activity walker

They are more suitable for grown-up babies and not for small babies. As they do not cater any seat or something to support your baby.

They come with toys your baby can play with. And when he needs to roam around the house he can simply push it along like the traditional wooden walkers.

With that lets move on to the best walker for babies in India.

Best baby walker in India

1. Joyride walker- Best affordable 2 in1 Walker for baby

Best 2 in 1 walker for babies

Joyride walker is a perfect gift you can give to your baby. Even if your baby still does not stand on his own. The walker comes in two adjustments settings. You can use it as a chair for smaller baby. And when he grows old you can convert it to a functional walker.

In addition it comes with a handle bar and foot protection mat which can be detached. It has 3 levels adjustable seat which helps baby to stand straight. The walker is foldable and can fit to small areas of the house

Main features

  • Two in one design can be used as a chair and when he grows up you can use it as a walker.
  • Comes with a soft cushion seat with 3 level adjustments.
  • Has detachable push handle and Foot protection mat.
  • Foldable and can be kept at the tightest lace
  • Easy to assemble and use.


  • The material of the walker is sturdy and of high quality
  • Comes with an attractive musical panel to entice your baby
  • Has push handlebar which enables to use it as a stroller
  • Seats are cushiony soft with 3 levels of adjustment to keep the baby’s legs straight


  • Non-removable seat which makes cleaning difficult

R for Rabbit anti-fall walker- Best high-end walker

Best baby walker for 9 months

The anti-fall walker from R for Rabbit is the best walker available in the market. The seat of the walker is very comfortable and comes with a height adjustment level. Taking about the entertainment panel it is equipped with soft tunes and a steering wheel. And it is detachable and can be converted to a tray.

Speaking about safety the walker comes with an antifall rectangle shape body. The walker has brakes and stoppers below also safeguard baby by automatically stopping on uneven surface and staircase. Moreover, you can manually apply stopper when you want your baby to take rest.

It is foldable, fits the smallest place and you can take it when travelling. In addition, it is EN71 certified and is 100% safe. In all this is the best walker for 9 months old baby.

Main features

  • The walker meets all the safety criteria and is 100% safe
  • Comes in attractive and enticing colours that your baby love
  • Has an enormous weight capacity of 15 kgs
  • Seats can be adjusted to any height for proper standing position.
  • Toy panel helps to keep your little one busy so you can perform your work


  • Assured safety and anti-fall technology make it really safe.
  • The seat is made of good cushiony material and not thin cloth thus provides utmost comfort.
  • Contains manual brakes so that you can control them whenever you want.
  • comes with easy to remove detachable toy panel and is easy to assemble
  • The seat is removable and washable


  • no negative points observed so far

Panda Adjustable musical walker- Best budget walker for baby

Best budget friendly baby walker

The Panda musical walker is the best pocket-friendly walker available. It offers cushioned seats, Toys panels with musical tones to keeps your baby entertained and is also adjustable to different height levels.

To offer safety the walker has no sharp edges and is made on wide wheel base to avoid falling.

Main Features

  • Comes in enticing and attractive colours.
  • Offers cushiony seat for comfortable riding.
  • play tray keeps them engaged all the time with lights and sound
  • available in 3 colours-Red, blue and green
  • Height adjustable body with no sharp edges


  • Comes with a wide anti-fall base for utmost safety against injuries
  • Cushiony soft and comfortable seat makes the rider happy
  • Keeps him engaged and entertained
  • Best offer and quality at an affordable price


  • Contains no brakes to regulate the speed of the walker
  • You need to put batteries to play music

Luvlap sunshine baby walker- Walker with best features

Best safe walker for babies

This baby walker from luvlap is one of a kind, packed with almost every feature that a mordern baby requires. The walker comes with a attachable foot protector mat and handle bar and can be converted into a stroller.

Thanks to wide wheel base for preventing injuries. The walker also has vaccum stoppers which provide a control to parents of the walker.

The seat of the walker is fully and easily washable and is detachable from the body.

Main features

  • The height of the walker is adjusted to the proper standing level.
  • Comes with an enticing toy tray to entertain your baby
  • Made on wide wheelbase and offer anti-fall body
  • Comes with a handlebar and can be converted into a stroller or pram


  • perfect body to weight ratio makes it sturdy and safe to use.
  • Comes with a foot protector mat and handlebar to safeguard your baby’s feet on an uneven surface
  • Comes with 360 degree rotating wheels which makes it easy for baby to use
  • Toy tray keeps him entertained so that you can perform your work and is detachable
  • Detachable cushiony soft seat makes the baby’s day comfortable


  • No negative points observed so far

Little Pumpkin Baby walker- Most enticing walker

Cute baby walker

The ride from little pumpkin also comes in 2 in1 option, Rocker and walker. The colours of the product are very enticing and makes your baby fall in love with it. Moreover push handles are also included so that parents can also help the child while learning.

The seat of the walker is cushiony soft and can be adjusted according to the height of the baby. Talking about safety it comes with 8 wheels to provide proper balance and is EN 71 certified.

Main features

  • It can be converted into a walker as well as a rocker chair
  • Comes with a detachable toy bar for the baby’s all-day entertainment.
  • Easy to use and comes with a push handle for parental control
  • it is foldable


  • The product is fully safe even for small babies
  • Can be converted into a play chair for baby
  • comes with a toy panel and music for entertainment and it is also detachable
  • Some of the great features include a detachable push handle and wide wheelbase
  • Parents have full control over the ride with the help of a push-pull handle


  • the only negative that I observed is the seat is non-removable so it becomes difficult to clean

Mee Mee Baby walker- Value for money

MEE mee baby ride

This ride from Mee Mee is the best-valued walker in the market. It has all the amenities that your baby needs for safety as well as entertainment. the body and frame of the walker is sturdy and is made of metal and quality plastic

The seat of the walker is soft and down there it has a foot protector mat for leg safety. So it can be used as a stroller as well if you have little baby as it also has push handle bar.

Its height is adjustable and the company offers 8 wheels for best balance.

Main features

  • Long and wide wheelbase with 8 wheels.
  • Comes in 2 cute colours- Pink and blue
  • For entertainment toy tray with music and lights is included


  • The seat of the walker is detachable and washable.
  • The toy tray is detachable and can be converted into a feeding tray.
  • For parental control, stoppers are also included.
  • The wheels of the walker are free and rotate 360 degrees thus offering smooth riding.
  • The wide wheelbase and 8 wheels provide stability thus reducing the injuries


  • The handlebar is non-removable and foldable which makes it difficult to fit in short and tight places.
  • Apart from this, no other negative points are there

Luvlap comfy baby walker- Convertable

The grand walker from luvlap is the best high end walker available online. it comes with a wide wheel base and strong body. For safety the it comes with antifall braking pads to avoid injury.

It is foldable and can fit to smallest place of the house. The seat is soft and made of quality fabric and is washable and detachable. For entertainment toys with music and horns are included to keeps your baby engaged.

Main features

  • Detachable toy tray with music and horns to keep little one engaged.
  • Made of high-quality plastic and can handle load up to 15 kgs.
  • Other features include height adjustability and comfortable seats.
  • when your baby grows into a toddler you can also convert it into a push walker.


  • Made of high-quality plastic and comes with an anti-fall feature and breaking pads
  • The fabric of the seat is non-allergic hygenic and is washable
  • Saves money as it can be converted into a push walker when baby grows old


  • No negative points observed so far with this walker

Baybee Winnie Walker-

Best round baby walker

Baybee walker proves the best deal you can make on the internet so far. We are saying this because according to price it provides the best features to you.

The wide wheel base with 7 wheels makes it fully stable and protected from falling. And thats not enough, the soft seat makes your baby feel so comfortable that he can spend a whole day riding on it.

Moreover, its height is adjustable and can be adapted according to your baby.

Main features

  • EN 71 certified and is fully safe for babies. has no sharp points.
  • The special u shape design of the frame provides stability against falling.
  • Easily foldable and the height of the seat can be adjusted according to the baby’s height
  • Toy tray with steering wheel and music system makes the ride and the rider engaged


  • It is easy to use even for a 7-month baby.
  • Along with features, the quality is also great and the walker is overall sturdy and tough.
  • 360-degree rotating wheels and comfortable seat makes the ride comfortable.
  • The toy tray keeps the baby engaged and is detachable.
  • Affordable and is best according to its price


  • Seat is not detachable which makes it difficult to clean when soiled by baby

Goodluck Bambi baby Walker- Walker with sunroof

Walker with sun sheild

The walker from goodluck is unique as along with other features it offers a sun sheild with it. Along with this unique feature the walker has more to provide. toy tray included has cute toys to attract your little one.

For comfort of the baby soft seats are included. In addition, to this push handle and foot mat is also provided so that you can use it as a stroller in the park.

Talking about safety the walker offers it all. It is europian union certified and the wide base keeps it stable. Along with this it has no sharp points.

Main features

  • The sunroof at the top makes it unique.
  • Europian union certified and is fully safe.
  • Easy to assemble and use by babies


  • Sunroof along with push handle makes it a perfect garden ride
  • It has stoppers so that you have full control over your baby
  • The high-quality material used makes it sturdy and tough
  • Wide wheelbase makes it stable and your baby protected from injuries perfect for a garden ride
  • Toy tray keeps your baby engaged


  • The product is so good that no negative point is observed yet

Frequently asked question by parents

When to introduce walket to baby?

You can introduce them when they are able to sit by their own and without any support. Its about 7 month. Some may progress and some late .It depends from baby to baby

Are baby walker bad?

No not at all, opposite of that it helps your baby to learn how to walk. Make sure you purchase a good quality for your baby

How to use walker safely?

Always remember few tips while using walker. Make sure that there are no sharp objects around. Always keep your baby away from the staircase. Beware to tangling cords

How to adjust the height of the walker?

Different walkers have different technique of adjusting the height. Some have nails or a kind of stick that that adjusts the height and some may have a seperate button for that.

What is the ideal weight limit of the walker?

Ideal weight limit of the walker is arround 10-15 kgs. Most of them offer 15 kgs and no one offer more than that.

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