9 Best baby massage oils in India 2021

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Massaging a baby has numerous benefits as it helps to strengthen bones and muscles, improves blood circulation and also protect and improves the skin. And as moms, we want to use the best oil to massage our babies. But in today’s world due to adulteration and false practices finding the best oil for our little one proves tricky.

Also, the skin of the babies is sensitive and gets irritated by harsh and fragranced oils. But you can choose from organic oils such as coconut oil, almond oil or sesame oil as these are safe for babies. Make sure to use oils that suit on baby’s sensitive skin.

List of 9 best baby massage oils in India

In this list, we have included all the oils made especially for babies. Moreover, the oils included in this list contain no chemicals and toxins and are safe for baby’s tender skin. Here is a list which contains the list of Best massage oils for babies and kids

1. Mamaearth Soothing Massage Oil for Babies

Made by mixing natural ingredients this oil moisturize and heals your baby’s skin at the same time. It is a lightweight and non-staining oil and can be used daily for massaging your baby. Moreover, it is free from all sorts of chemicals, Synthetic fragrance and is non-irritant on baby’s skin

Best oil for baby massage

Benefits of using Mamaearth soothing baby massage oil

  • This oil is completely made of natural ingredients and no chemicals are used
  • As the oil is light and non-sticky and can be used before and after bath
  • Made from cold-pressed oils to maintain quality
  • This oil is safe for sensitive and dry skin and is hypoallergenic

2. Sebamed baby massage oil

Made with a high content of essential fatty acids in soy oil guarantee a soft and supple skin of your baby. Moreover, the oil is non-greasy and helps to improve blood circulation and digestive system of your baby.

Oil for infant massage

Benefits of using Sebamed oil for infant

  • The oil is non-greasy and can be used before and after the bath
  • Regular massage with this oil helps to relieve pain caused due to gas, constipation and teething
  • The oil is non irritant and makes the skin soft and supple

3. The Moms Co. Baby Massage Oil

This massage oil is made with a perfect blend of 10 powerful and natural oils. In addition, the oil is safe on baby’s tender skin and is hypoallergenic in nature. Moreover, regular massaging with this oil provide strength to muscles and bones, soothes skin and keeps it moisturized.

Natural oil for childrens

Benefits of using The Moms Co. Massage oil

  • Besides moisturizing the oil also provide strength to muscles and bones
  • The oil is USDA certified and is safe to use
  • It is free from toxins like sulfate, parabens and harmful chemicals
  • The perfect blend of oils helps to soothe skin and on other hand also moisturizes it.

4. Johnsons baby oil

Recommended by doctors johnsons baby oil is free from all sorts of irritants and proves soft on baby’s skin. In addition, the oil is enriched with vitamin E it improves and strengthens your baby’s skin.

Johnsons baby oil

Benefits of using Johnsons baby oil

  • Besides moisturizing the oil also provide strength to muscles and bones
  • The oil is USDA certified and is safe to use
  • It is free from toxins like sulfate, parabens and harmful chemicals
  • The perfect blend of oils helps to soothe skin and on other hand also moisturizes it.

5. Cetaphil baby massage oil

Enriched with a tri-blend of Sunflower seed oil, sesame oil and shea butter this oil helps to maintain the natural moisture of the skin. In Addition, the oil is ph balanced and is non-irritant on baby’s sensitive skin.

Infant oil for dry skin

Benefits of using Cetaphil oil

  • The oil provides long-lasting moisturization and in addition, keeps skin hydrated
  • The unique tri-blend helps preserve natural skin barrier
  • It contains sesame oil which is highly rich in vitamin A, B and E and proves most effective for sensitive skin.
  • Moreover, calendula oil helps in protecting Baby’s delicate skin from the external environment.

6. Mother Sparsh Massage oil for baby

Made with a combination of natural ayurvedic ingredients Mother Sparsh oil for baby massage provides strength to bones and muscles, Improves skin and encourage faster growth rate. Moreover, it also soothes dry and irritated skin and also develops peaceful sleeping patterns

Ayurvedic infant massage oil

Benefits of using Mother Sparsh Oil

  • The oil is prepared by various essential oils and herbs which improves skin’s texture and keep it nourished
  • Regular massaging with this oil improves the strength of muscles and bones
  • The oil, on one hand, soothes the baby and also develop peaceful sleeping patterns
  • Prepared by 18 powerful herbs it is the best ayurvedic baby massage oil

7. Himalaya Baby massage oil

Mild and light in nature Himalaya Baby massage oil is best for premature and newborn babies. The oil makes the skin soft and In addition, is recommended by 98% of the doctors.

Himalaya baby massage oil

Benefits of using Himalaya massage oil

  • Made with vegetable oil and herbs the oil is rich in vitamin E which nourishes the skin and improves skin tone
  • It is free from mineral and animal oils which is the main cause of the rashes in babies
  • the oil is mild in nature and is suitable for all skin types
  • Regular massage with this oil not only soothes the baby but also promotes little one’s growth and development

8. Dabur Lal tel

Trusted by almost all Indian moms Dabur Lal Tel is the first oil that comes in our mind when we think about Oil for baby massage. Made with natural herbs Dabur Lal Tel provides immense benefits to your little one.

Dabur lal tail review

Benefits of using Dabur Lal tel

  • It is clinically tested and encourage faster growth rate
  • Massaging baby with this oil helps week infants to gain weight and strengthen bones and muscles
  • Herb called Shankha-Pushpi present in the oil improves health and relieve baby’s weakness
  • Massaging baby with this oil stimulates blood circulation and relieve babies from digestive problems.

9. Nirmal Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the only one of all oils that sits every skin types. And that’s what Nirmal coconut oil is all about. Moreover, the oil is clinically proven to be safe for baby’s delicate skin and is completely natural

Coconut oil for baby massage

Benefits of using Nirmal virgin coconut oil

  • The oil is completely natural and is hypoallergenic and made only from fresh coconuts
  • The oil is cold-pressed and is helpful against diaper rashes
  • Regular application of this oil makes skin moisturized and keeps it soft and supple
  • It is clinically proved for application on babies.

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

There are many questions which come in the mind of every parent while massaging or selecting the right type of oil for their baby. Here are the answers to a few questions that parents ask the most

1. How can I choose the best baby oil for my baby?

Babies have various skin types from normal to dry and oily to sensitive. And choosing the right and of oil sometimes proves tricky. Thus you can do is a simple application test before massaging your baby. Simply rub the oil on a small area of baby’s skin and see the reactions after a few hours. In this way, you can choose the right oil for your baby

2. When I can start massaging my newborn baby?

According to Baby center it is recommended to start massaging your newborn after 2 weeks. This allows the umbilical cord stump to fall and heal completely as any residual oil on your baby’s stump may lead to infections

3. Which oil is best for massaging baby in summer season?

Coconut oil is best choice for summer season. It is light, natural and is suited for all skin types.

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4. Which is the best time for baby massage?

There is no specific time for massaging your little one. You can start a massage anytime when your baby is in a calm good mood and is receptive to touch. You can massage anytime before or after the bath.

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