Burping a baby: Everything you need to know

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Do your baby looks unsatisfied, fussy or cranky even after feeding. The reason might be that you have not tried burping your baby yet.

Newborn babies often take in air while they feed which may lead to spit-ups and fussiness. To overcome this situation you need to burp your baby. Burping often helps to release this excess air. In fact, Burping is the key part of a newborn feeding routine.

So lets dive deep to find out the methods to burp your baby tips and useful stuff that will help you with effective feeding and burping

Benefits of Burping your little one

Benefits of baby burping

Methods of Burping your baby

There are different methods and techniques of burping a newborn but today we will tell you the safest and effective ways you can adopt to burp your baby. Also, you can probably test all of them and can settle to one that can suit most to you and your baby.

1. On your shoulder

Baby burpin on shouldersg

Hold your baby in an upright position with his head lying on your shoulder supporting his neck and head. With the other hand rub and pat on the baby’s back gently to make him burp.

While using this method try to use burp clothes as your little one may spit up during burping.

2. Sitting on your lap

Baby burping positions

in this method place your baby on your nap with his chest slightly leaning forward. With your one hand support your baby and with the other hand pat your little one across the shoulder blades and on back gently to burp him.

According to our opinion, this method is more suitable for babies ageing more than 2 months and not less than this.

3. Lying on the knees

Safe Burping positions

This position works well if you are sitting on a chair or on a sofa. To burp your baby in this position simply lay him on his tummy on your knees. Then gently pat him until the burp comes out.

Should I really need to burp my baby?

The answer is Yes! you really need to burp your little one. Because babies have little to no control over their body and they can’t even release Excess gas of their own. That’s why you really need to burp your baby.

If your baby suffers from colic problems you must focus on Comfort measures and not on how to burp your baby.

However if you baby show any of these signs you may need to burp him often. These signs are

  • He is gassy
  • He becomes fussy and cranky
  • He spits up very often

How long should burping a baby take?

To be honest, there is no specific time frame for burping a baby. Sometimes a baby can burp as soon as he is positioned upright. And sometimes it takes a while moreover in some babies moms need to put pressure on baby’s tummy.

So it depends from baby to baby. And how often you burp him

Keeping that in mind make a habit of burping your baby after every breast change and after every 3-4oz of milk if you are using bottle feeding.

There is one trick that every mom must follow. Fall your baby into the habit of falling in the crib or bed and not while feeding. If you spot your baby be sleepy while feeding Just simply stop feeding and try to burp him and then put him to sleep.

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What to do if the baby doesn’t burp

Babies often burp after feeding but if your baby doesn’t burp sometimes there is no problem. Things you can do this time is to

  • Lay your baby in a safe place so that the excess air bubble move around. Then after holding your baby carefully and try a different position to make them burp.
  • Place your baby upright after their feeding. You can use a wrap or a sling to keep your baby upright in a semi-sleep position. This position can help your baby as air bubbles can escape automatically eliminating the task of parents or caretaker. But this position is not suitable for newborn babies.
  • If after doing everything your baby does not burp then maybe he doesn’t even need to burp. Sometimes babies do not take enough air that they need to burp.

When can I stop burping my Baby?

There is no specific answer to this question as every baby is different and likewise their needs are also different. Some babies burp on their own and don’t need any help from a parent or caretaker while some needs to be burped after every 2-3 ounces of bottle feeding.

Generally, you can stop burping your baby when he is 4-6 months old according to Boys Town Pediatrics but if your baby seems fussy or cranky even though then you need to burp your baby.

What if my baby is still gassy and burping isn’t enough?

Sometimes burping alone cannot help to relieve the baby from discomfort. And this is where you have to do a little extra step for comforting your baby. These steps are:-

Bicycle their legs

bicycle massage

Laying your baby down and doing bicycle or pedalling moments can help your baby to relieve discomfort. This is an effective technique to release gas and sometimes babies also poop if they push out.

Tummy massage

Massage for tummy

Massaging your little one’s tummy can also help him with discomfort. Just put a few drops of oil and start massaging his tummy in gentle circular motions. Massaging also helps in improving blood circulations. In fact, it is the No.1 proven method of calming and bonding with babies.

Changing the flow of the bottle

Changing the flow of the bottle can also help your baby. For this instead of normal flow use slow flow nipples to feed your baby or you can change the bottle completely

Take advice from doctor

A piece of advice from a doctor can work as a holy grail so if nothing seems to work. Then make a visit to your baby’s doctor.

Care precautions and tips while Burping

  • Always support your baby’s head and neck while burping. This is because babies have weak muscles which cannot support the head on their own.
  • While burping pat your baby gently and not roughly. Instead of patting you can also try to rub the baby’s back.
  • If your baby doesn’t burp at the first attempt lay him down for few minutes and then try with another position. This will help to move excess air trapped making it easy for the baby to burp
  • Swallowing air and spit ups are completely normal in babies and so burping is a must. If your baby seems uncomfortable even after burping try massaging his tummy and changing the flow of the bottle


Burping is an essential part of a baby’s daily routine. It provides comfort and is beneficial for the baby. It reduces gassiness, and calm him from excess air. In fact, burping your baby during regular intervals during feeding can also reduce spit-ups.

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  1. Burping is very important before you put them to sleep

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