8 Reasons for baby cry and how to deal with them

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As a new parent, you will be shocked to know that a newborn baby cries almost 3 hours a day. But it is the way of babies to communicate with parents. There are many reasons for a baby to cry be it hunger or other problem. In fact, not all cries mean that baby has some problem, maybe he is crying to grab your attention.

At first, it may be difficult for you to know what your baby is trying to tell you. But as you spend more time you; will easily and fastly recognize your baby needs.

Reasons why your baby cry

In this article we have listed 8 reasons why baby cry. In addition we have also stated the technique and strategies you can follow to calm and soothe your crying baby.

1. Baby is hungry

Baby is hungry

Hunger is the most common reason for a baby to shed tears. Newborn babies have a small stomach that needs to replenish again after some time. That’s why it won’t take long before he wants another fed

Signs of hunger

The signs of hunger include sucking the fingers and thumb, turning for breastfeed when you pick up to calm her.

What to do

Responding early will help you to avoid dealing with loud crying. That’s why as soon as you recognize your baby is in hunger just simply feed her.

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2. Baby has stomach pain (Colic)

If your baby cries a lot and is healthy this is maybe due to a colic problem. Even today the cause of Colic is not known. Some experts think that it is simply a stage of normal development. Colic usually happens to premature and younger babies who are less than 3 months old.

Signs of colic

If your baby continuously cries for more than 3 hours a day it is because of colic. Other signs are a loud and high pitched cry than normal, clenched fist, Tight tummy and knees of the legs pulled up to the chest and passing of gas.

What to do

Burp your baby after every feeding. Rubbing his back and gently massaging the tummy also help to calm your fussy little one. If the baby is still not calmed you must visit your baby’s doctor.

3. Baby needs diaper change

Diapering newborn

Babies don’t like wet diapers and that’s why your little one protests when he has a wet or soiled nappy.

Signs of diaper change

A wet smelly diaper with a fussy little one indicates that it is a perfect time for a diaper change. Moreover, you can also use diapers with a wetness indicator which changes colour when the diaper is wet or soiled.

In this way you don’t need to undress your baby investigating for wet diapers.

What to do

Not so tricky in such a case immediately change the baby’s diaper and attend to her well. Make sure to apply diaper ointment to prevent and heal diaper rashes

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4. Baby cry for attention

Baby cry

Babies want extra cuddles, cradling and physical contact. And to reinsure that your baby keeps crying which ultimately grabs your attention towards him.

Sign that he wants your attention-

The main sign for this is baby always cry when he is not with you

What to do-

If you recognize that your baby needs you just carry your newborn close to you and stay within his sight as often. You can also use a sling or baby carrier to keep him close.

5. Baby is overstimulated

Babies get overstimulated by getting passed to uncle and aunts. Also the strangers in the grocery store or any other place makes baby overstimulated and upset. Over stimutation makes it harder for baby to sleep.

Signs of a overstimulated baby

Your baby may cry even at the slightest thing and look continuosly at a space or one place. Also an over stimulated baby becomes upset and stay quiet from normal

What to do

To calm an overstimulated baby take him to a quiet room and relax. A walk in a fresh air on a familiar place may also proves helpful

6. Baby is not well

Baby is not well

As adults babies gets irritated when they are not well. As a result he/she will cry more than usual. So if your baby cries harder than usual or won’t stop crying it may be a signal that the baby is not well.

Sign of baby’s illness-

Runny nose, Cough, fever, decreased activity, Constipation and teething may be a sign of baby’s illness

What to do-

Try to calm your baby, if the cry still continues and grows harder do see your baby’s doctor

7. Baby is too cold or too hot

Sometimes a rise or fall in temperature makes the baby cry. You can check your baby’s temperature by feeling on his tummy and neck. Don’t be guided by the temperature of hands or other body parts as they generally tend to be colder.

Signs in this case-

If being too hot or too cold your baby might seems uncomfortable to you and may cry sometimes

What to do-

Keep the temperature of the baby’s room between 16 to 20-degree Celcius. If there is a drop-in baby’s temperature add one more layer of cloth to him and do the opposite when the temperature rises. Check your baby’s temperature and make sure he doesn’t have a fever. If the temperature is higher than 38-degree Celcius immediately call the doctor.

General discomfort

Along with these reasons general discomfort is another reason which makes baby upset and cry. General discomfort includes itching due to rubbing to clothing tags on the skin, Tight clothing and small toys underneath the lying baby.

Signs of general discomfort

If your baby still cries after being burped up, nappy changed and having no problems it can be a sign that your baby has general discomfort.

What to do

Look for all the possible things that might make your baby uncomfortable. Try changing the position and place of your baby as it can help.

Is your baby still crying? Do these things to soothe her

As you spend more time with your baby you will get to know about his personality and his/her likings. If a cuddle or feeding session does not seems to help your little one try these suggestions.

Play soft tunes

Soft tunes always not only help relieve your fussy little one. You can download calm tunes from the internet like ocean waves or raindrops. these tunes help to calm the unsound mind and provide relief to your little one.

You can download this andriod app for sweet and calming music and tones

A walk in a park

Babies love to get a walk in a park. A walk in a fresh air in your garden or in neighbourhood may calm your baby and freshen his mood resulting in less baby cries

Massage to soothe your baby

Gently massage your baby using the unscented oil or cream in a clockwise circular motion. A massage helps to provide relief baby from any kind of pain, gas, constipation and also helps baby to sleep. Regular massage helps baby to cry and fuss less.

Give her a warm bath

A warm bath also help in calming a fussy infant. Make sure that the temperature of the water should not be above than 37 degree Celcius. You can use thermometer or just simply use your elbow to check the temperature of the water.

What should you do if nothing of these helps with your baby cry?

Its normal for babies to cry. If your baby cries a lot its not your fault. Sometimes accepting that your baby cries a lot can help. If you have done what you can do to calm your baby and your baby is still crying just:-

  • Just take care of yourself. Put your baby in his/her cot for few minutes and be away from her crying reach. In these few minutes wash your face rest and listen to music that can calm you.
  • Call your relative or friend to take care of your little one for some time so that you can rest and give yourself a break.
  • Call a doctor if nothing seems to help in case if there is a medical reason for fussiness.

Happy parenting!

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