8 Best Cloth Diapers for Baby in India (2021)

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Naturally made and organic products are the first choice of every parent in today’s life. And that’s what Cloth Diapers are recognized for. Opposite to Disposable Diaper, they are made with 100% cotton and in addition, it is economical as it can be used several times. Cloth Diapers are the best as they reduce the financial burden and are Chemical-free. Moreover, they are helpful in preventing Diaper rashes and proves more comfortable when the baby wear them.

Why you should choose Cloth Diapers

Parents always need diapers but which diaper they choose solely depends on their decision. The main reason for choosing Cloth Diapers are

  • Cloth Diapers are made from cotton, bamboo or any other human-made fibre.
  • CLoth DIapers are comfortable and are safe for sensitive skin
  • As compared to disposable diapers they are free from chemicals and is eco and financial friendly

Best Cloth Diapers in India

Going green and adopting Cloth Diapering is very easy if you are backed up by the right knowledge and practice. Here is a list of best 8 Cloth Diapers in India.

1. Super bottoms Soft Fleece Adjustable Diaper

Superbottom Cloth Diapers

Super bottoms diapers are made from soft durable and 100% organic fibre. The diaper can prevent leakage due to the trim crotch design and in addition, the soft inner lining makes the diaper more comfortable and soft. In fact, it is one of the most trusted brands for Cloth Diapers in India

Reasons why parents should buy this product.

Super Bottoms provide the best cloth diapers not only from the point of view of the baby but also from the view of nature. The diaper is a bit costly but being reusable it proves more economical to parents. Moreover, the diaper provides best in class hygiene and is comfortable.

  • Super soft fleece lining eliminates the elastic marks
  • The diaper lasts for 3 hours an average wetting baby.
  • The diaper and inserts both are washable and can be reused more than 300 times
  • Thick elastic bands provide more comfort and trim crotch lessens the risk of leakages
  • The super-dry feel layer of the soaker lets you put soaker on the top of the pocket

2. Paw Paw Reusable Diaper

best cloth diaper in india

Provide your baby with the comfort that he needs the most with the Paw Paw cloth diapers. The Diapers have the ability to absorb liquids quickly and won’t let your baby feel wet. The multilayer fabric pad of the diaper is reusable and has a absorbing capacity of 100 ml.

Reasons why parents should buy this product.

  • The diaper is adjustable and can fit baby ageing 0-3 years
  • Unique Rapisoak Technology absorbs liquid Instantly provide a dry feel to your baby
  • Reusable and can be washed for more than 100 times

Things you must consider if you buy this product

The Diaper has a soaking capacity of 3-4 hours and cannot be used at night even if your baby is an average wetter.

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3. Bembika Printed Cloth Diapers

This absorbent cloth diaper set includes two printed colourful and comfortable diapers. The diapers are easy to use and come with an adjustable snap that makes the job of putting on the diaper very easy. The diapers are waterproof and breathable and it provides a comfortable feel ad also reduces stiffness

Why parents should buy this product

  • As one size fits all you can change the diaper to the desired size as you want
  • The hips and crossover snap ensure an overall perfect and comfortable fit
  • The inner suede material transfer the liquids below and keeps the baby dry
  • The elastic support on the thigh helps to prevent leakage
  • You can use multiple inserts on the same diaper and can double the absorption capacity

Things you must consider if you buy this product

This set of baby diaper include two cloth diapers but the set doesn’t include inserts. It means you have to buy inserts in order to use this diaper.

4. Bumpadum Duet Stay-Dry Reusable Cloth Diaper

best cloth diapers for overnight

This one-size diaper is very easy to use as it doesn’t contain a bunch of snaps and buttons. Being easy to put on, grandparents and nannies can also change the diaper on your behalf. In addition, the buttery soft inner fabric keeps the baby dry and comfortable and the most important part is that you can even use it overnight

Why parents should buy this product?

  • No pins and stuffing is required as these diapers are adjustable
  • The diapers are easy to put on and grandparents can also change the diaper on your behalf
  • The diaper comes with two inserts
  • Moms can use both the inserts together to double the absorption capacity and can use it for overnight purpose
  • This product is best to be given as a gift to new parents and can also be given as a Gift for baby shower

Things you must consider if you buy this product

This diaper comes with 2 inserts which is not sufficient for a heavy wetter baby. If your baby is a heavy wetter make sure you must buy some extra inserts.

5. Liltoes Pocket Diapers

Liltoes is one of the brands that is gaining popularity among parents. The diaper comes with the waterproof outer layer and the inner layer transfer all the wetness to the inserts keeping the baby dry and free from rashes. The diaper is easy to use and can be washed for more than 300 times. Also the cute prints on the diapers also looks really adorable when baby wears them.

Why parents should buy this product?

  • The inner layer is soft and breathable and it provides a comfortable feel
  • Inserts are of good quality and have an absorption capacity of 3-4 hours
  • Like other cloth Diapers, it also helps in reducing Diaper Rashes
  • Nylon bands and snap buttons help to maintain a perfect fit

6. Mee Mee Reusable Baby Cloth Diaper

This incredibly soft cloth diaper is made of best quality breathable fabric. The diaper is hypoallergic and is soft on baby’s skin. It can be machine washed and can be used with more than one inserts. Moreover’ the stretchable thigh support makes the job of putting on and changing the diaper very easy.

Why parents should buy this product?

  • The diaper is soft against baby’s sensitive skin
  • The leg cliff enable better fit and also help in preventing leakage
  • It comes with one insert and you can use two inserts on same diaper if you wish to use
  • It is more economical as compared to other cloth diapers

7. Motherly Reusable Baby Diaper with Insert

Cloth diapers on amazon

Motherly provides the best Reusable and Comfortable diapers. The diapers are waterproof and the insert is made of 3 layered microfibre which has a good absorption capacity. Moreover, the diaper has a bunch of snaps which makes them highly adjustable and can also fit perfectly to newborn babies.

Why parents should buy this product?

  • The waterproof outer shell comes in two different prints which look very pretty
  • The antileak design helps to reduce leakage.
  • The inner suede lining keeps the baby’s skin soft and comfortable
  • Simple pocket makes the task of inserting and removing inserts easy
  • The hip snaps prevent wing droop and ensure a perfect fit

Wash instructions.

Do not wash the diapers with other clothes and make sure that you wash the insert and the cover seperately. You can machine wash the diapers with warm water using a mild detergent. You can also add salt to water for deep cleaning

8. Alva baby AIO cloth diaper

cloth diapers with inserts

This All In One cloth diaper is very easy to use and wash. The diaper comes with stitched in four layer bamboo insert that can absorb wetness for upto 5 hours for an average baby. Also the inner layer is made from suede which transfer all liquid to insert keeping the baby dry and happy. Thats why it is one of the best cloth diapers for baby.

Why parents should buy this product?

  • the diaper comes with sew-in insert which makes it easy to use and wash
  • Along with built in insert the diaper also has a pocket which can be used to extend absorption
  • the outer layer of the diaper is waterproof and breathable to ensures proper air circulation
  • Best product to be given as a gift to new parents

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

Which cloth diapers are best for babies/newborns ?

According to us the Super bottom Soft Fleece Adjustable Diaper is the best choice. the reason being that this diaper is made from 100% organic fibre and the inner lining provides a comfortable feel. Moreover, the soft fleece lining on the elastic bands eliminates the marks and irritation

How many cloth diapers do you need for your Newborn/Toddler ?

The number of diapers that you need for your baby depends on how frequently you wash them. An average wetter newborn needs 8-12 diapers a day and a toddler needs 6-7. If you are washing them every day the number of diapers that you need is Number of days x Number of diapers + Extra Diaper for one day.

The reason for including extra diapers is that the diaper you will wash will not dry immidiately.

Why should we use Cloth diapers ?

Cloth diapers reduces the extra load of finance and proves economical in a long run. They are not only good for babies but is also good for nature as they are reusable. Moreover, they are made of cotton and other organic fibres that prevent skin irritation and rashes and are 100% Chemical free


Keeping our baby comfortable, dry and clean is the most important task. And thats what diapering is all about. In this article of best cloth diapers for baby and newborns we have taken a comprehensive list of 8 best baby diapers that are not only comfortable but also keeps your baby happy and good looking.

The products that we have added in this list are of superior quality, 100% organically made and the most important part is they are free from chemicals

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