15 Valuable Gift for Newborn Baby

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Welcoming a newborn baby is a very joyful moment, not only for relatives but also for neighbours and friends. It is therefore important to celebrate the arrival of a little one in the best possible way. Picking up the gift for newborn baby, that is valuable for baby Is the right way to do that.

Selecting a Gift for Newborn baby sometimes might prove difficult. Sometimes we don’t even know what our little one need’s. So if you are wondering what valuable gift you can give? Here are 15 valuable newborn baby Gift Ideas.

15 valuable Gift for Newborn Baby

Here is a list of handpicked 15 gifts that you can gift to a newborn baby

1. Soft and Comfortable New Born Baby Bedding Set

Gifts for babies

A soft baby bed is one for a gift that is appreciated by all parents. Very well equipped this bed comes with a pillow and a mosquito net that ensures sound sleep for your baby and the best part is that it is portable and travel convenient. This portable and travelling friendly bedding set would be a nice and unique gift for newborn babies and their parents as well

Product Features-

  • attached mosquito net for safety for baby
  • comes with a soft pillow to ensure sweet sleep

2. Baby Clothing Set

Gift set for newborn baby

A cute clothing set would be a great gifting idea for newborn baby. Made of very soft hosiery cotton fabric and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin moreover these clothing sets are very comfortable and lightweight on baby gentle skin and comes with matching nappies, mitten, booty and cute prints give a complete look. This cute clothing set is best to gift to baby boy or girl.

Product Features-

  • High Quality cotton fabric for gentle skin, comfortable and lightweight
  • A complete 5 pcs set with matching print

3. Soft toys

Pearl World Extra Soft Stuffed Unicorn Horse Soft Toy

Soft toys are loved by all whether it is a kid or a baby. Gifting soft toys is a good idea as it looks cute and appealing to both parents and the baby. If you want to gift a toy for baby girl then soft toy proves the best as girls like it the most. According to my opinion if you want to give toys as a gift than soft toys proves the best gift for a newborn baby girl.

 Product Features-

  • looks cute and appealing
  • made from high quality and soft fabric

4. Himalaya Newborn Baby Gift Pack

Baby gift for newborn

What is more valuable than caring your baby? That’s why caring products are the most important things that a baby needs. You can Gift this Himalaya Gift pack set of 9 high-quality caring products. Above all this set of the baby’s, caring kit includes almost everything from baby lotion to baby cream and from baby powder to rash cream everything is included in this gift pack. Along with this, it is the most trusted brand in India with no harmful ingredients included in their products

Product Features-

  • high-quality genuine products
  • complete kit for baby needs
  • Pocket friendly

5. Fisher-Price Newborn Feeding Starter Kit

Gift for newborn baby

Gifting your little nephew/niece feeding essentials looks a great idea as they need it the most in their early stage of development. Similarly, you can give them a multipurpose feeding kit that comes with 3 components including a feeding bottle, one food feeder with a spoon attachment and a food nibbler with fruit meshes. In conclusion during the early growth of baby, this fisher feeding kit is the best in category feeding essential product.

Product Features-

  • a complete kit of 3 items
  • made of high-quality material

6. My Newborn Baby Blanket Gift set

newborn baby blanket set

Whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, bedding accessories is needed by all of them daily. You can give them a cute looking blanket set made of soft material. Above all, it is ideal for a newborn baby and one can gift it on the arrival of a baby or the day of the baby shower. Also, this kind of gifts are admired by most of the parents it looks very appealing and attractive to be given as a gift and the best part is it looks cute on baby

Product Features-

  • Soft fabric for gentle baby’s skin
  • available in five cute designs

7. Baby essential bag

baby essentials bag

Whats a better present than a bag that which proves helpful to mamma and baby as well and above all its not just a normal bag its a bag where parents can keep all essential baby items. Moreover, it can also be used for travelling purpose.

Product Features-

  • Spacious zipped compartment with three outer pockets
  • adjustable strong shoulder strap
  • made with high-quality fabric

8.  Grooming Kit

grooming kit

Grooming is an important part of a baby’s daily routine and therefore it needs to do on regular basis. One can give a unique grooming kit as a gift to a newborn baby and also, it also looks classy and appealing as a present. This SYGA grooming kit is the only grooming kit on amazon with a glass nail file that won’t hurt the skin, and not only that as it comes in a set of 4 items, but this kit is also a complete solution for your baby’s grooming care.

Product Features-

  • Baby & toddler manicure, pedicure and grooming set

9. Baby soft cushion sofa seat

baby chair gift set

You can buy a chair cum baby cushion sofa set for your baby which is soft and also comes with a cute look that your little one will love the most. Besides, its upright seating position helps stabilize your infant’s backsides and legs while they learn to sit up. In conclusion, Comfort level is best, it is light weighted, and its value for money.

Product Features-

  • lightweight and portable, easily provide the baby with a place for safe sitting
  • made with soft material and high-quality fabric
  • comes with appealing designs and animal faces

10. Cute Baby Bath Towel

Baby bath towel

Thinking to give bathing accessories as a gift, well we have an idea for you. you can buy this cute baby towel and above all, it is made of 100% very soft and natural fabric. Moreover, it also comes with appealing hooded designs that look super cute.

Product Features-

  • made of 100% organic bamboo which is soft for gentle skin
  • the cute hood looks super cute on baby
  • Zero Chemicals used

11. Mini Berry Newborn Baby Gift Set

Mini Berry Baby Gift Set

Share your love with this complete package of baby clothes. Above all this complete baby clothing gift set comes with 1 crewneck bodysuit with crotch snaps closure, 1 t-shirt, pants, 1 bib, a pair of booties and 1 matching cap, 4 washcloth, shorts, mittens and towel. Also, all items are 100% soft and cotton comfort. In our view, this is the perfect present one can gift to baby and can also be gifted on baby shower

Product Features-

  •  100% soft comfort cotton. Machine washable
  • Perfect baby shower gift idea. Comes in gift style packaging

12. Vebeto Baby Kick and Play Gym with Baby Bedding Set

Vebeto Baby Kick and Play Gym Baby Bedding Set

Give the little one a space that he/she needs with the baby play gym cum bedding set. Made especially for small kids and babies this play area provides your baby with a safe space for playing and activity moreover it can also be used as a bedding set and also had a mosquito net attached. Besides, this play gym comes loaded with colourful toys for your baby. Soft and safe, it helps your babies to start identifying colours and objects. In conclusion, it is the best gift one can give

Product Features-

  • High-quality fabric with four pillars to provide stability
  •  similarly it comes with bedding and mosquito net
  • comes with additional toys

13. luvlap Elegant Baby Carrier

baby carrier

A mothers lap is the best place for a baby as it is a place where he/she feels most comfortable and safe. This luvlap baby carrier provides baby with the place he loves the most. In addition, this baby carrier comes with 3 belts to ensure maximum safety and the best part is it completes your life with many joys of parenthood. In conclusion, they are comfortable nests that accompany your baby on tours through the city streets and country roads

product Features-

  • 3-way support to ensure maximum safety
  • Certified as per European Standard

14. KIDZVILLA Baby Cotton Cartoon Print 2 Piece Winter Suit

baby woolen clothes

Warm clothes are a must for our baby during winter season then why not buy a winter clothing set which will not only protect our baby during winter but in addition, it also prevents them from getting sick by keeping them warm. Comes with cheerful cartoon graphics adorn these long sleeve tops, paired with colourful printed pants, this outfit will brighten her/his day.

Product Features-

  • 100% cotton material
  • Pretty designs that look good on your baby

15. Most Precious Baby Gift- Love and Care

love and care for baby

Love and care is the most important gift that a baby needs from you. Whether he/she is your son/daughter, nephew/niece give them the love and care the most. Don’t give them a feeling of hatred they never ask you something neither of the above-mentioned gifts but what they want is love and care from their parents and relatives. Nowadays we have seen that parents leave their kids and babies alone and go to their work but it is not a way of parenting it requires love so that you can care of your little one. In conclusion, So the best gift you give your children is love and care.






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